The rain does not last long. The raindrops cease falling, and the clouds break, revealing a beautiful blue sky. People shake the water off their umbrellas and close them. Now in the mid-afternoon, music wafts on the damp breeze from the parks as people bring their erhus and sing old ballads of their youth. It is a joy to listen to their vioces slip up and down. A man deftly play the two-stringed instrument. My grasp of the language is not good enough to understand the words of their songs. But I can get a sense off the ebb of the river's tide against the quiet reeds and the flashing smile of newly begotten romance.

That night, streetlights shimmer in shivering puddles, darkened only briefly by the shadows of bicycles. I turn back to enjoy familiar scenes. A wisp of smoke curls around the cook of the local Qinghai restaurant I often frequent. The waitress shouts out a sharp order and then slides a bowl of noodles, still steaming, under my nose. Delicious! A perfect ending to a perfect rainy day.


Word Bank:

When my neighbor practices violin, beautiful music often wafts into my office through the open window.

deftly (adv)熟练地
The expeirenced chef deftly cut the chicken int to five peices.

ebb (n) 退潮
The ebb of the ocean tide left many fish on the shore.

shimmer (v)闪烁,发出微光
The model's dress shimmered as she walked under the lights.

wisp (n) 一缕,一束
A wisp of hair fell down over her eyes as she lowered her head.



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