As a policeman in the Chinese city of Chongqing, Long Keyi is well used to stopping traffic.

But he caused a hold-up of a different kind recently while on duty for the city's marathon.

The race's female runners thought that he was so good looking that they abandoned their race and surrounded him, battling for the chance to take a selfie with him. 

The 29-year-old was mobbed at the race in south-western China partly because many of the admirers thought he looked like a leading Chinese film star, according to the People's Daily Online.

Hundreds of admirers posted pictures online, with many pointing out his resemblance to actor Wallace Chung.

Yuan Chung, 25, said: 'I thought he looked just like the actor from Hong Kong, Wallace Chung, the guy who is in the news at the moment because of his latest role as a TV cop.'
Yuan Chung25岁说:‘我觉得他看起来香港演员钟汉良——他最近常出现在新闻里,因为他最近的一个角色是演一个警察。’

The crowds became so big, the policeman was surrounded in his car as he tried to leave the sporting event.

Chyou Teng, 26, who posted a photo, said the furore distracted people from the race.
26岁的Chyou Teng发了一张照片,说这场喧闹分散了大家比赛的心。

She said: 'I remember reading that some Kenyan runner was the winner but you didn't see him in the newspaper coverage, everybody was just going on about this policeman.

'He was very good natured about it though, and posed for the pictures quite happily.'

Fellow police officer Dewei Fu said: 'Anyway, it was getting a bit out of hand so he was taken off duty and replaced by another less good-looking colleague.'
警察同事Dewei Fu说道:“无论如何,如果事态再次失控,那么他就要被其他长得略挫的同事代岗了。”


@Bert Dock

I know this feeling so well. I get mobbed every day.


I live in China and he is Good looking compared to most Chinese Men.


Funny story. Interesting how mobs can form and probably most of them had no idea why they were stopping, just going with rest of the mob.


STILL laughing at the last sentence.... "... He was replaced by another less good-looking colleague..." HaHaHa !!!!! Kind of too bad for the other cop, though ... jeeze louise. ___ " Here, you're uglier, so you can take his place..." Would have loved to have been in on THAT conversation. 0_0