Movie fans in Scottsdale are waiting for the release of Lockout starring Maggie Grace and Guy Pearce. On Thursday, Collider shared new photos from the film. IGN also shared new photos as well. Check out all of the photos here.

In this film, Guy Pearce will play a spy that has been wrongly accused of a crime. However, the film will focus on the fact that he has to rescue the President's daughter, played by Maggie Grace, from a prison that is orbitting the planet. If he is successful, he will earn his freedom. Luc Besson is the man behind the camera for this film.

Lockout isn't the only upcoming release featuring Guy Pearce. He also has a role in Prometheus, which is known as the upcoming Alien prequel being brought to the big screen by Ridley Scott. A recent video shared by What Culture revealed more about Pearce's role in the sci-fi film. He will play Peter Wayland, the man behind Wayland Industries, in the film. 


《反锁》之前宣传时便号称是“太空版”的《飓风营救》,而女主角也正是《飓风营救》里饰演连姆·尼森女儿的玛姬·格蕾斯。故事讲述一个男人(盖·皮尔斯 饰)被误判为间谍反美罪,他重获自由的机会便是从被暴徒们控制的外太空的监狱中救出总统的女儿(玛姬·格蕾斯 饰)。

据悉,《反锁》作为科幻片的投资仅为3000万美元,但从此前曝光的预告和现在曝光的剧照来看,这是一部值得期待的电影。《反锁》由两位爱尔兰导演斯蒂芬·圣·莱杰(James Mather)与詹姆斯·马瑟(Stephen St. Leger)联合执导,将于4月18日在法国公映,4月20日登陆北美。