Finally, tonight with folks gathering for the holidays, a piece of video we thought you should see. It shows what happened when the mother of two boys left the home and what can happen when two young boys have their way with a five-pound bag of flour.
We thought it was topical given the time of year and how much time a lot of us will be spending in the kitchen over the days to come. So let this be a lesson. And it got people talking today. The story tonight from NBC’s Anne Thompson.
我们觉得这很应景,因为每年这几天许多人都要在厨房忙里忙外。所以就让这段视频作为教训,这也是今天热议的话题。今晚这段故事由Anne Thompson为您报道。
If Thanksgiving preparations have our kitchen floor looking like this, at least this isn’t your living room.
What are you doing? Mary Napoli says this is what her one and three-year old sons did with a five-pound bag of flour while she was in the bathroom. See! Yeah, I see. You emptied the whole thing.
你们在做什么?Mary Napoli说,她一岁和三岁的儿子用一袋五磅的面粉搞得天翻地覆,而她当时在上厕所。看啊!好,我看到了,你把整袋都倒光了。
When she saw the mess, Napoli grabbed her video camera. Oh, my gosh. It’s not fair. Oh, my gosh. I knew I have to videotape it because I knew my husband would never believe me or anybody for that matter. I’m gonna throw up.
The video is now a Youtube sensation with more than a million hits. But today some people insist this flour fiasco is a fake. A British newspaper asks “Was it staged by mom?” On our Nightly’s Facebook page, skepticism rules the day. Doubters say Napoli’s too calm.
Did you guys get into the flour? Skeptics think the flour’s too evenly spread to be child’s play. There’s flour on places toddlers can’t reach. God, it looks like a snowman puked all over my living room. Napoli insists it’s real and just wanted to share it with the world.
I guess if that brings people a laugh and people can really connect with it. Oh, my gosh. A family snapshot that just might make you feel better about what’s going on at your house this Thanksgiving week. Oh, boy. Anne Thompson, NBC news, New York.
我想如果能博大家一笑,人们会有同感的。哦,我的天呐。这段家庭短片能让你对感恩节自家的混乱感到心里平衡。噢,天哪。NBC记者Anne Thompson,纽约报道。