Gary Connery leapt 150 metres from a helicopter wearing a peach-coloured dress identical to the one worn by the monarch when she attended the Olympic opening ceremony.
身着与女王出席奥运开幕式时同样的桃色连衣裙,Gary Connery 从150米高空的直升机上跳了下来。

It was part of an elaborate sequence to create the impression that Her Majesty had jumped into the Olympic stadium with James Bond.

Moments after Connery had landed and was ushered out of view, the real Queen Elizabeth appeared in the royal box to rapturous applause. Yesterday Connery, 43, from Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, west of London said: “It was a very sort of British moment.

“In the helicopter prior to the run-in we were joking and laughing. When the door opened about 30 seconds before the jump, I remember looking out beyond the stadium and seeing what looked like some kind of hospitality tent, a garden party that was going on.

“I remember capturing that as an image and thinking, wow, those people are going to see the most amazing thing in a minute and they don't know it's coming. We did very well keeping it under wraps. I heard the cheer from the stadium which was wonderful. I've never experienced that before. It was indescribable.”

He added: “From my perspective, I'll always have been the Queen who jumped into the 2012 Olympic Games and that never changes. I'm honoured to have been given the opportunity to do it.”

Connery and Mark Sutton, the parachutist who replaced the actor Daniel Craig as Bond, took off at 8.50pm as Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at the Olympic Park.
Connery 和代替邦德扮演者丹尼尔克雷格的跳伞的运动员Mark Sutton在8点50分就已搭直升机起飞。此时,伊丽莎白女王与爱丁堡公爵已到达奥林匹克公园。

For half an hour, as Queen Elizabeth mingled behind the scenes, the helicopter hovered above east London, moving over the stadium at 9.30pm. The sequence worked perfectly, creating the impression that Queen Elizabeth had performed the jump.

When the idea was pitched to Buckingham Palace by Lord Coe, chairman of the Olympics organising committee, Queen Elizabeth embraced it. A London 2012 spokesman said the monarch had “really liked the concept” and “didn't take much persuading”.

Recalling his trepidation about the approach, Frank Cottrell Boyce, who wrote the script for the ceremony, said: “We had no idea if she would agree to the idea of filming - let alone playing herself. “
当开幕式的总策划 Frank Cottrell Boyce 回想起当时对于这个计划时的忧虑,他说:“我们不知道她是不是会接受电影这个点子,更不用说让她亲自上阵了。”

The video sequence that preceded the jump was directed by Danny Boyle in the palace's east gallery and audience room earlier this year. Despite it being Queen Elizabeth's acting debut, it was shot in a single take. She also picked her favourite corgis, Holly and Monty, to star in the film.
跳伞之前的影片由Danny Boyle在白金汉宫东面的画廊与接见室拍摄。尽管是伊丽莎白女王的首次触电,但是所有的镜头都一次即过。女王还带上了她最爱的小狗, Holly和 Monty与她一起拍摄。