51. buy your story 相信你的话  
52. call it a day 今天到此为止  
53. Capital idea 好主意  
54. cold fish 冷酷无情的人  
55. dark horse 黑马;冷门  
56. daylight robbery 价钱贵到离谱  
57. dear Jones letter 绝交信  
58. dirty dog 卑鄙小人  
59. eat one's words 承认错误  
60. every Tom, Dick and Harry 张三李四  
61. flat tire 没精打采  
62. from A to Z 从头到尾  
63. go on the horse 快一点吧  
64. God knows 天晓得  
65. gone with the wind 随风而逝  
66. good for nothing 毫无用处的  
67. Great minds think alike! 英雄所见略同。  
68. happy go lucky 乐天派  
69. have a big mouth 话多的人  
70. have it both ways 权衡两方面  
71. have time off 休假  
72. have words with sb. 口角  
73. hit of the show 表演中最精彩的一幕  
74. hit the high spots 达到高水准  
75. hit the sack 睡觉  
76. hold one's tongue 保持沉默  
77. I.O.U = I owe you 我欠你;借据  
78. in hot water 遇到麻烦  
79. in the hole 遇到经济困难  
80. in the long run 从长远来看;终究  
81. in the soap 遇到麻烦  
82. keep one's head 镇定  
83. keep one's shirt on 不动手打架  
84. keep punching 继续努力  
85. kick off 开始干某事  
86. kill two birds with one stone 一石二鸟  
87. knock it off 别再讲下去了  
88. Knock on wood. 说话禁忌;赶紧讨个吉利。  
89. let the cat out of the bag 泄漏秘密  
90. let nature take its course 顺其自然  
91. like a cat on hot bricks 热锅上的蚂蚁  
92. like a turtle on its back 对事情束手无策  
93. lousy clichés 陈词滥调
94. make a hit 出风头  
95. make my mouth water 使我垂涎  
96. master key 万能钥匙;关键  
97. neck and neck 不分上下  
98. need other's shoulder 希望得到某人的安慰  
99. no sweat 没问题;不用冒汗  
100.No money, no honey. 没有钱,哪有爱情