Unit 4 Free Falling 自由落体

Marg was no ordinary 84-year-old woman. She was a grandmother, a wife, and daredevil. There was nothing she wouldn’t try once. This year was going to be the ultimate thrill. She was going to bungee jump from a bridge over 150 stories high!
玛格不是普通的84 岁老妇人,她是祖母,是妻子,同时也是个不怕死的人,没有什么东西她没尝试过。今年她要向兴奋的极限挑战,因为她要去玩从150 层楼高的桥往下坠落的高空弹跳!

When she arrived, there were lots of people, mostly in their twenties. Marg didn’t see anyone who was even close to her age. Bungee jumping was not for the faint -hearted. But Marg was not worried; she has the heart of a lion.

She walked up the hill to the bridge. There was a long line of young people waiting their turns. Everyone was very excited but also nervous. When it was finally Marg’s turn, she looked down at the water below. Could she do this? The water looked so far away. But she had come this far, she wasn’t going to back out now. The man strapped the rope to her legs. This was it.

She closed her eyes, took a big breath and jumped. She was falling, flying. She felt free! The wind blew through her hair. What a thrill!



【美】 Meredith Walker 著   陈怡芬 译