1 opening night n. 首场演出;开幕夜

The show’s opening night was a big success. 那场表演的首场演出非常成功。

2 lead actor n. 主角

Who’s the lead actor in this movie? 谁是这部电影的主角?

3 ankle n. 脚踝

The dancer twisted her ankle while dancing. 这位舞者跳舞时扭伤了脚踝。

4 perform v. 演出

The students performed an opera last Friday. 这些学生在上星期五演出歌剧。

5 play n. 戏剧

Did you enjoy the play? 你喜欢这出戏剧吗?

6 on one’s hands 需要照顾

Sue has a large family on her hands. 苏有一个大家庭要照顾。

7 dress rehearsal n. 彩排

The dress rehearsal is on the day before the performance. 彩排在演出前一天举行。

8 background n. 幕后

The queen has a lot of power, but likes to remain in the background. 女王握有很多权力,可是她喜欢留在幕后。

9 shyly adv. 害羞地

She smiled shyly at me. 她害羞地对我一笑。

10 speak up 表达意见

He spoke up in defense of his beliefs. 他表达意见,捍卫自己的信念。

11 line n. 台词

She learned her lines in a few minutes. 她几分钟就背下台词了。

12 grow up 长大

The girls grew up. 这些女孩长大了。

13 grandfather n. 祖父、爷爷

My grandfather arrived in Boston after the Civil War. 我祖父是在美国内战之后才来到波士顿的。

14 act sth. out 演出

We all laughed when Clare acted the episode out. 当克莱儿演出那场戏时,我们全都捧腹大笑。

15 for fun 为了好玩

They hid his wallet for fun, but didn’t expect he would get angry. 他们恶作剧地把他的皮夹藏起来,没想到他会生气。

16 stand in 代班

Jean will stand in for May when she’s on vacation. 琴将在梅休假时代她的班。

17 role n. 角色

Tim played an important role in this event. 蒂姆在这件事上举足轻重。

18 scene n. 场景

The scene of this play is set in Norway. 这场戏的场景是在挪威。

19 gratefully adv. 感谢地

He accepted the gift gratefully. 他感激地收下礼物。

20 offer n. 提议

Please consider my offer. 请你考虑我的提议。

21 impressed adj. 印象深刻的

We’re impressed by his sense of humor. 我们对他的幽默感印象深刻。

22 inhonor of 纪念

The monument was erected in honor of Abraham. 这个纪念碑是为了纪念亚伯拉罕而设立的。

23 throughout prep. 从头到尾

This feelingpersisted throughout the week. 我一整个星期都是这个心情。

24 performance n. 表演

The performance will begin at nine. 表演将在九点开始。

25 empty adj. 空的

The museum was almost empty. 博物馆几乎空无一人。



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