Mrs Gardiner made a suitably sympathetic reply to her sister-in-law, and later that day found the opportunity to discuss the matter in more detail with Elizabeth, alone.

解析:sympathetic 同情的、有同情心的
eg: She is sympathetic over what has happened.

'I am sorry for Jane,' she said kindly, but, Lizzy, these things happen often! A young man like Mr Bingley frequently falls in love with a pretty girl, and when chance separates them, he forgets her very quickly.'

解析:fall in love with 爱上
eg: I fell in love with her at first meet.

separate 分开、分离
eg: Would you like separate bills or one bill?

'Yes, aunt,' said Elizabeth, 'but in this case it was not chance, but the young man's interfering friends, who separated Jane and Mr Bingley. I'm sure he was violently in love with her.'

解析:interfering 妨碍的、干涉的、多管闲事的
eg: This noise is interfering with my work.

'Poor Jane! She's so sensitive. I'm afraid she may not get over it for some time. Now, if it had been you, Lizzy, you would have recovered more quickly, by finding humour in the situation. But do you think I could persuade Jane to come back with us to London? Perhaps a change of air would make her feel better.'

解析:sensitive 敏感的
eg: Lisa is a sensitive girl.

recover 恢复、弥补、重新获得
eg: It will be a long time before he recovers from his present troubles.

Elizabeth was extremely grateful to her aunt for this kind suggestion, and felt sure Jane would gladly agree.