3 Mr Collins visits Longbourn
3 柯林斯先生造访朗伯恩

'I hope, my dear,' said Mr Bennet to his wife at breakfast the next morning, 'that you have told the cook to send up a good dinner today, as I am expecting a visitor.'

解析:短语send up 向上级呈报获提交……
eg: Did you send up my application?

‘Who is it, my dear? I know of nobody who is coming, unless Charlotte Lucas happens to call in, and I hope my dinners are good enough for her.'

解析:短语call in 可以表示召集、邀请,也可以表示顺便访问、来访。文中选用的是后者。
eg: Don't forget to call in on your way home.

'The person I'm talking about is a gentleman and a stranger.'

Mrs Bennet's eyes shone with excitement. 'It's Mr Bingley, I'm sure! Why, Jane, you never mentioned it! Well, I'll be extremely glad to see him. Lydia, my love, ring the bell. I must speak to the cook at once.'

解析:excitement 激动、兴奋
动词形式为 excite 使……兴奋、激动
eg: His voice trembled with excitement.

mention 提到、说起 看到词尾-tion,大家应该知道这是个名词,但是,mention也可以做动词,意思还是提到、谈起,文中的"mention"就是动词。
eg: He mentioned that he might be leaving.

'It is not Mr Bingley,' said her husband. 'It's a person whom I have never seen before.'

This caused general astonishment, and he had the pleasure of being eagerly questioned by his wife and five daughters all at the same time. Having amused himself for some time with their curiosity, he finally explained. 'I have recently received a letter from my cousin, Mr Collins, who, as you know, will inherit all my property when I die, and may throw you out of this house as soon as he wants.'

解析:eagerly 急切地、渴望地
eg: We waited for the result eagerly.