8 Elizabeth Learns more about Darcy and Wickham
8 伊丽莎白加深对达西和韦翰的了解

解析:learn about 了解、学习
He read a lot so as to learn about the
intellectual history of Europe.

The next morning Elizabeth had still not recovered from the surprise of Darcy's proposal to her. Feeling in need of exercise and fresh air, she decided to have a walk. In order to avoid meeting Mr Darcy, she kept away from her favourite path, but could not resist walking a little way into Lady Catherine's park. There she was astonished to see Darcy himself approaching her and calling her name.

解析:fresh 新鲜的、清新的
eg: The sky is blue, the air is fresh.

path 小路、道路
eg: Failure is the path to success.

resist 抵抗、忍耐、忍住
eg: I can never resist
whisky heart chocolate.

'I have been walking some time in the hope of meeting you,' he said. 'Will you do me the honour of reading this letter?' And, handing her an envelope, he bowed slightly and walked quickly away. With no expectation of pleasure, but with the strongest curiosity, Elizabeth opened the letter, and began to read it as she continued her walk alone.

解析:envelope 信封
eg: Can I use this envelope?

bow 弯腰、鞠躬
eg: When Japanese people meet, they bow.

Do not be alarmed, madam, that I shall repeat the offer which so disgusted you last night. I have no intention of mentioning again wishes which, for the happiness of both of us, cannot be too soon forgotten. I would not have written, but justice requires my character to be defended.