[00:00.00]page 31
[00:18.21]Unit 3
[00:21.26]At home
[00:24.22]Look and say
[00:28.06]Where's Sam?
[00:32.50]He was here at ten o'clock.Where's Sam?
[00:40.23]He was here at half past ten.Where's Sam?
[00:48.80]He was here at a quarter to eleven.Where's Sam?
[00:57.94]He was here at eleven o'clock.Lost dog he is black and white Date:12 April.
[01:11.29]He was in our flat at 10:00.
[01:16.15]He was in the park at 10:30..He was outside the supermarket at 10:45.
[01:26.41]He was in the market at 11:00 an you find our dog?
[01:34.07]Telephone 25379152.Is this your dog?
[01:46.95]Yes,that's Sam.He was inside the police station at twelve o'clock.
[01:56.61]Woof. Thank you very much,Mr Chen.
[02:04.76]page 32
[02:08.24]Look and learn
[02:11.79]a lamp a shelf
[02:18.34]a rug a picture
[02:25.19]a sofa
[02:28.06]Look and act
[02:33.03]Mrs Li moves the furniture
[02:38.38]The picture was beside the window.
[02:43.84]Where is now?It's beside the mirror now.
[02:50.32]page 33
[02:55.36]Make and play
[02:59.02]Make some funiture
[03:02.96]1.Draw some furniture
[03:11.01]2.colour it
[03:16.08]3.cut out the furniture
[03:22.74]page 34
[03:26.18]Sing a song