[00:00.00]4 Rules
[00:21.29]Look and read
[00:24.53]Crossing the road
[00:27.48]You can cross the road at:traffic lights(crossings) zebra crossings
[00:36.94]1 Always WAIT on the pavement!
[00:41.90]2 Look left!
[00:45.95]3 Look right!
[00:50.49]4 Look left again!
[00:55.17]5 At the traffic lights:
[00:59.12]Can you see the green man?Yes.cross the road.Walk quickly!
[01:06.38]6 At a zebra crossing:Is there any traffic?No.Cross the road.Walk quickly!
[01:16.36]7 Don't run!
[01:20.38]8 Don's play!
[01:24.04]Sing a song
[02:03.30]Look,read and think
[02:10.25]1 The boy is crossing the road.He is running.
[02:15.81]2 The girl is waiting on the pavenment.
[02:22.16]3 The boy is walking across the zebra crossing quickly.
[02:28.82]4 The girl is running across the zebra crossing.
[02:35.59]5 The boy is looking left,then right,then left.
[02:42.35]6 The children are playing on the zebra crossing.
[02:47.42]Look and learn
[03:00.64]Tommy Target
[03:05.18]...is/are running
[03:09.62]...is/are crossing
[03:14.19]...is/are waiting
[03:18.64]...is/are looking
[03:23.31]...is/are playing
[03:36.74]Now listen!
[05:04.17]Look and read