[00:00.00]page 37
[00:17.29]unit 3 Spending a day out together
[00:19.42]单元三 一起在外度过一天
[00:21.55]Look and read
[00:24.61]What do you usually do at weekends,Miss Chen ?
[00:28.87]I sometimes go shopping in Dragon Bay.
[00:33.23]Where is Dragon Bay?
[00:36.49]Is it near Wood Bay?
[00:39.65]No,it's far away from Wood Bay.
[00:44.41]It's near King's Village.
[00:47.75]page 38
[00:50.52]Look and read
[00:53.45]Where have you been in Garden City?Bring photographs to class.
[00:59.61]1 I've been to Seaview Town on Lucky Island.
[01:02.84]1 我在运气好的岛上到过风景镇。
[01:06.06]This is a photograph of my family and me.
[01:10.43]We're having lunch.
[01:13.59]2 I've been of East Point.
[01:16.11]2 我已经具有东方点。
[01:18.63]This is a photograph of my mother and me.
[01:23.30]We're shopping in the market.
[01:27.95]3 I've been to Stone Bay.
[01:30.49]3 我到过石头海湾。
[01:33.02]This is a photograph of brother and me.
[01:37.67]We're playing football on the beach.
[01:42.35]4 I've been to the Botanical Gardens.
[01:46.23]4 我到过植物园。
[01:50.11]This is a photograph of my sister and me.
[01:54.65]We're playing a game.
[01:58.20]page 40
[02:03.53]Kitty and her friends are going to visit somewhere in Garden City.
[02:08.68]Where are we going to visit?
[02:14.95]Let's go to the Botanical Gardens.
[02:21.01]That's a good idea.How are we going to get there?
[02:28.06]Let's get there by bus.
[02:33.21]When are we going to get there?
[02:37.65]How about next Saturday?
[02:43.21]All right.What time are we going to get there?
[02:50.76]How about two o'clock in the afternoon?
[02:55.80]Yes,that's a good time.
[03:00.77]What time are we going to come back?
[03:05.73]Let's come back at four o'clock.
[03:08.30]让我们在4 点回来。
[03:10.88]How much does it cost?Fifteen yuan.
[03:18.53]It's going to be a super afternoon!
[03:24.38]Tommy Target
[03:25.75]汤米 目标
[03:27.12]near/far away from
[03:32.40]Where have you been in...?
[03:36.45]I've been to../
[03:39.92]I've been to...in/on....
[03:45.99]Now listen!