[00:00.00]Unit 2 Listening and hearing
[00:19.83]Say a rhyme
[00:22.05]Listen!Listen to the bird In the tree.
[00:29.96]Tweet!Tweet!Listen to the dog In the street.
[00:37.59]Woof!Woof!Listen to the cat On the roof.
[00:45.69]Miao!Miao!Listen to Dotty In her cage.Hello!Hello!
[00:57.03]Look and learn
[01:01.96]an aeroplane
[01:03.76]a bus a car a boat a drill a telephone
[01:30.41]Listen and say
[01:37.65]What can you hear?
[01:44.33]What can you hear?
[01:57.97]I can hear a bus.
[02:02.38].Learn the sound
[02:04.29]a The fat man likes jam
[02:09.91]Make a telephone
[02:14.71]1.Two paper cups.2.Draw two dots.3.Make two holes.4.Join the cups.
[02:48.33] It's a telephone
[02:52.38]Look and tick
[02:57.08]What can Ming hear?Ming can hear an aeroplane
[03:11.79]Ask and answer
[03:15.37]1:Can Ming hear a dog?
[03:19.03]S2:No,he can't hear a dog.S1:Can Ming hear an aeroplane?
[03:24.75]S2:Yes,he can.
[03:29.16]Now Listen!