[00:00.00]2 Good friends
[00:20.61]Look and learn
[00:24.27]a dog
[00:26.98]a puppy
[00:29.86]a housing estate
[00:33.33]a block
[00:36.18]Look and read
[00:39.34]1 Kitty has a good friend.Her name is Alice.
[00:47.20]They are both eleven years old.
[00:51.25]They live in the same housing estate,but in different blocks.
[00:57.03]Kitty lives in Block 1 and Alice lives in Block 3.
[01:03.79]2 Alice and Kitty usually go to school together.
[01:10.77]They always play together after school.
[01:15.13]They play with their dogs.Their dogs are not the same.
[01:21.68]Kitty's dog is black and white. Its name is Sam.
[01:27.14]Alice's dog is young.It is a puppy.
[01:32.29]It is brown and its name is Suzie.
[01:37.15]Look and read
[01:42.01]kitty is younger than Alice.
[01:48.20]Danny is older than Kitty.Danny is taller than Alice and Kitty.
[02:00.87]Alice is shorter than Kitty and Danny.Danny is heavy.
[02:11.74]He is heavier than Kitty and Alice.
[02:17.69]Kitty is thinner than Alice and Danny.
[02:23.54]Read Good friends
[02:29.42]1 We usually walk to school together.
[02:38.07]2 We always help each other.
[02:45.20]3 We share our lunch.
[02:52.07]4 We sometimes do our homework together.
[03:00.01]5 We play together at the weekend.
[03:07.95]6 I like Alice.I like Kitty.We like each other.We are good friends.
[03:23.42]Read a poem New friends
[03:29.45]Hi!I'm Johnny Tan from Flat 2B.
[03:34.91]I'm eleven years old,and my sister's there.
[03:39.87]I like to skate and cycle,too.
[03:44.13]How about you?
[03:46.90]Hi!I'm Annie Wang from Flat 3C.
[03:52.86]I'm eleven years old and my brother's three.
[03:57.90]I like to play and dress up,too.How about you?
[04:03.96]Hi!I'm Tony Liang from Flat 5E.
[04:09.73]My sister's ten,just like me.
[04:14.09]I like to run and play football,too.How about you?
[04:20.15]Hi!I'm Sally Wu from the fourteenth floor.
[04:25.90]I'm ten years old and my sister's four.
[04:30.76]I like to do the things you do.All of you!
[04:35.91]Tommy Target
[04:50.06]heavier/thinner/older/younger/taller/shorter than____(and___)