[00:00.00]4 Sports and activities
[00:21.58]Look and learn
[00:37.17]watching television
[00:40.65]sailing a boat
[00:49.32]riding a bicycle
[00:52.66]going to the cinema
[00:58.67]making a model
[01:01.91]collecting stamps
[01:25.81]high jump
[01:31.82]horse riding
[01:37.80]Ask and answer
[01:40.83]What can you do,Mark?
[01:44.88]I can play tennis.
[01:48.64]What do you like to do?
[01:52.12]I like to ride a bicycle.
[01:56.27]Read a poem
[02:00.95]I can sing
[02:04.11]and read and paint and run and jump and dance and ride my bicycle...
[02:15.26]Play a game
[02:17.93]What do you like to do at the weekend?
[02:23.67]I like to play basketball.
[02:28.11]Is that a sport?Yes,it is.
[02:33.86]A survey
[02:38.82]Kitty,do you like to play basketball?
[02:44.00]No,I don't.
[02:47.24]Do you like to make models?
[02:51.08]Yes,I do.
[02:54.24]Look and read
[03:09.23]What have you done today?
[03:13.96]I've read a book and played football with Mark.
[03:20.83]I've written a letter and played tennis with my mum.
[03:28.69]\Tommy Target
[03:35.46]What do you like to do?
[03:39.61]I like to play basketball.
[03:45.07]paint pictures
[03:48.41]go to the cinema.
[03:51.47]What have you done today?
[03:55.23]I've written a letter.
[03:58.89]I have played football.
[04:02.42]read a book.
[04:05.29]Now listen.
[06:11.15]Look and read