[00:00.00]page 14
[00:17.48]unit 3 Water
[00:19.36]单元三 水
[00:21.24]Read a poem
[00:25.00]Water all around us
[00:29.36]Water has no taste at all.
[00:34.32]Water has no smell.
[00:38.58]Water's in the waterfall,
[00:43.44]The pump,the tap,the well.
[00:50.31]Water's everywhere around us.
[00:54.96]Water's in the rain,
[00:58.72]In the bath and in the pond,And in the sea again.
[01:05.38]page 15
[01:11.68]A class trip to the beach
[01:15.15]1 It's very hot today.You can go for a swim in the sea.
[01:25.92]2 It's very hot today.I'm thirsty.
[01:32.87]3 I need a drink of water.
[01:36.94]4 It's time to go back to school now.
[01:54.70]Put your rubbish in the bin.
[02:00.35]Oh,no.It's raining.
[02:05.20]page 17
[02:11.97]Look and say
[02:15.03]When we went to the beach,we saw water and we used it.
[02:23.57]Where can we see water?
[02:28.11]In the sea.That's water.
[02:33.39]We saw the rain.That's water,too.
[02:39.45]Yes,it is.
[02:44.10]How do we use water?We use water to have a shower.
[02:52.25]We use water to drink.
[02:57.01]We swim in the sea.
[03:00.35]Look and read
[03:03.38]Using water
[03:06.23]At home,we use water...
[03:11.56]to wash clothes
[03:15.40]to wash the dishes
[03:19.03]to cook rice
[03:22.42]to clean the flat
[03:25.90]to have showers
[03:29.35]to make drinks
[03:32.87]to clean our teeth
[03:36.53]to have a bath
[03:39.87]At work,people use water...
[03:45.44]to put out fires
[03:49.09]to grow vegetables
[03:53.17]to make things in factories
[03:57.61]page 18
[04:00.67]Look and learn
[04:03.72]a litre wide/narrow
[04:07.11]一升 广阔的/狭窄的
[04:10.49]a pipe a reservoir
[04:13.41]一个烟斗 一个水库
[04:22.16]Water in Garden City
[04:25.40]Every day,people in Garden City use millions of litres of water.
[04:33.06]We use water in our homes and in factories,
[04:37.60]but there is not much water in Garden City.
[04:41.57]There are no big rivers.In winter,not much rain falls.
[04:47.45]Most of the water comes from other places.
[04:51.29]First,it comes through very long,wide pipes.
[04:56.33]Next,it goes into reservoirs in Garden City.
[05:01.51]Then a special factory makes the water clean.
[05:05.87]Finally,it goes through pipes to our homes.
[05:11.14]page 19
[05:14.10]Look and say
[05:17.94]Excuse me,Mr Hu.Where does rain come from?
[05:24.10]I know!It comes from the clouds.
[05:29.67]Where does it come from first?Let's look at this poster.
[05:36.43]Look and read
[05:39.59]1 Water comes from the sea.
[05:42.87]1 水来自海洋。
[05:46.15]2 The water makes clouds.
[05:50.33]2 水制造云。
[05:54.51]3 The wind blows the clouds to the land.
[05:58.83]3 风吹云到土地。
[06:03.15]4 It rains.
[06:06.88]4 它是雨。
[06:10.60]Tommy Target
[06:11.97]汤米 目标
[06:24.10]We use water to make drinks.
[06:29.38]to cook rice.
[06:32.54]to grow vegetables.
[06:36.30]to have a bath.
[06:39.78]Where does water come from?
[06:43.83]Water comes from the sea.