[00:00.00]page 11
[00:18.29]Unit 3 Use your hands!
[00:23.85]Look and learn
[00:27.61]fluffy shiny
[00:37.22]Look and say
[00:40.78]The parcel
[00:43.83]1.What is it,Kitty? It's a parcel. Open it.
[00:52.19]I can feel two things. This one's mine. It's soft and fluffy.
[01:15.65]What is it? It's a panda! This one's mine. It's hard and shiny.
[01:43.99]What is it? It's a spaceship!
[01:51.07]Play a game
[01:56.04]This thing's warm and fluffy.What is it?
[02:03.98]Is it a cat? Yes,it is!
[02:09.85]page 12
[02:16.52]Look and say
[02:20.56]Whose is this? Whose pencil case is this? It's mine.
[02:33.34]This pencil case is yours.That one's mine. Sorry.
[02:41.59]That's all right.
[02:44.75]3.Whose bags are these
[02:49.40]They're ours,Miss Fang
[02:54.16]4.Whose lunch boxes are these?
[02:59.20]They're theirs,Miss Fang.
[03:04.48]5.Whose sweets are these?
[03:10.04]Are they yours,Kitty? No,Miss Fang.They're his.
[03:18.90]Danny!Don't eat sweets here. Yes,Miss Fang.
[03:28.25]page 13
[03:31.80]Read and act
[03:35.56]Min and Mog
[03:39.64]Both cushions are above Min and Mog.
[03:46.30]1.Look at our cushions
[03:52.05]One cushion is falling.
[03:56.41]Min and Mog are falling,too. Miao!
[04:03.36]Min is on the cushion.
[04:09.13]Mog is under the cushion.
[04:14.88]Move,Min.I'm under the cushion.
[04:20.94]Min is on the cushion.
[04:27.60]Mog is beside the cushion.
[04:33.06]Min!It's my cushion.It isn't yours,Mog,It's mine.
[04:43.72]Mog does not like his cushion.He likes Min's cushion.
[04:56.07]Mine is soft,Mog.Your is hard.
[05:04.90]I don't like mine.I like yours.Move,Min. OK!
[05:14.88]Min and Mog are on the cushion.
[05:23.63]The soft cushion is theirs now.
[05:29.80]Now the soft cushion is ours.
[05:38.23]Make a mask
[05:41.86]1.Draw a cat's face.
[05:48.50]2.Cut out the cat's face.
[05:56.34]3.Colour it.Mog is black.Min is white. Add some string.