Hard as it is to imagine, next season on House, Doc Crankypants may be—gasp!—happy. At least happy-ish. In fact, in the premiere, we’ll see him smiling, laughing, and canoodling on the beach with at-long-last ladylove Cuddy. Clearly this can mean only one thing: The relationship is doomed, right? “I don’t think [so], necessarily,” Hugh Laurie tells me. “But let’s face it, neither of these characters has a clean license.


“‘Buckle up,’” he adds, “would be my advice.”


Lisa Edelstein, who plays House’s significant other, shares her costar’s trepidation. “I was terrified of saying ‘I love you,’” she admits. “But I think that in the final scene of season 6, Cuddy makes it clear that she’s ready to go for it.”

扮演Cuddy的Lisa Edelstein同样表示:“Cuddy不敢轻易说‘我爱你’,不过第六季的最后一场戏已经表明了她的立场,她准备好了放手一搏。”

Laurie is ready too, weird as it may feel to him. “Even the appearance of happiness [in House] has taken some getting used to,” he says. “I had a week of happiness training before the season started up, and I’m whistling more than usual.”


Is his small-screen counterpart whistling more than he did, say, when he was with Sela Ward’s Stacy? “I’ve always thought of House as a romantic, and I don’t think romantics are much given to comparing,” Laurie demurs. “But speaking as a friend of House, he seems to be attracted to strong women. He likes to get as good as he gives—and I mean that in as many senses as are suitable for a family readership.”

那豪斯当初有过轻松口哨么,比方当初同Sela Ward扮演的Stacy恋爱的时候?劳里表示:“我一直觉得豪斯是个浪漫的家伙,而恋爱这事儿是不能比较的。作为豪斯的朋友我敢说他更容易被女强人吸引。他喜欢实力相当的对象,观众们也会觉得这样更合理。”