of → a

of 在自然语速下就发作 a 的音,但还是要提醒一句:如果 of 需要强调突出,那么它仍然念做 of 。

Listen to each part of the conversation: first spoken with careful (slow) pronunciation; then spoken with relaxed (fast) pronunciation.

JULIE: The party's tonight. I've invited a lot of people.

SHOKO: Then, let’s go shopping. It’s already a quarter of three.

JULIE: You’re right. It’s late. Let’s make a list.

SHOKO: Okay. We need a case of soda.

JULIE: Right. We also need a bag of pretzels.

SHOKO: What about a few bags of chips?

JULIE: Okay. And a couple of packages of cheese for the dip.

SHOKO: Great. Your cheese dips are always so good.

JULIE: Thanks. We need a couple of other things, too.

SHOKO: Wait. I don’t have my credit card. Do you have yours?

Listen to the entire conversation again, spoken with relaxed (fast) pronunciation.

注:对话中提到了一个cheese dip,就是“奶酪酱”,dip做名词时有“调味汁”的意思。

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