for → fer

for 在快速的语速下就念做fer,但是要注意:当 for 需要强调,或 for 的后面没有其他单词时,for 仍然念做 for 。
例:Who’s this for?

Listen to each part of the conversation: first spoken with careful (slow) pronunciation; then spoken with relaxed (fast) pronunciation.

JOHN: I’m looking fer a car.

SALESPERSON: Okay. Fer a new car?

JOHN: No. Fer a used car.

SALESPERSON: Fer a recent model?

JOHN: Yes. Fer a late model economy car.

SALESPERSON: What price do you have in mind fer the car?

JOHN: Around $8,500. What’s yer price range fer economy cars?

SALESPERSON: You can’t buy a late model fer $8,500.

JOHN: Yer sure?

SALESPERSON: Yes, sir. But I have a very nice late model fer $11,900.

Listen to the entire conversation again, spoken with relaxed (fast) pronunciation.

对话中的 yer 就是我们此前学过的 your/you're 的连音,所以大家每次学过后要记住哦。

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