yours → yers

上次我们已经学习了your / you're的连音念做yer,同样,yours 在快速语速下就应发成yers。以下对话中既有yer 又有yers,大家念的时候要注意哟。

Listen to each part of the conversation: first spoken with careful (slow) pronunciation; then spoken with relaxed (fast) pronunciation.

LINDA: I just got a raise at work.

TIM: Really? I love yer job.

LINDA: I love yers.

TIM: Yer job pays really well.

LINDA: Yers is interesting.

TIM: Yer boss teaches the employees new things.

LINDA: But yers is funny.

TIM: Yer right, but yer job is near yer home.

LINDA: Yers is near yer father-in-law's house.

TIM: Yeah. Yers is far from my father-in-law's house... I love yer job.

Listen to the entire conversation again, spoken with relaxed (fast) pronunciation.

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