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    分开是很困难的。手套是一种简单的让手和身体形成鲜明对比的方式。事实上,华特·迪士尼应该是第一个为动画角色戴上手套的人,其在米奇主演的电影《奥普里之屋》中首次出现。在动画走过黑白时代后,米奇和他的伙伴们仍保留了他们标志性的白手套。[/cn] [en]Besides keeping the animation simple, Walt Disney told his biographer, Bob Thomas, that the gloves exist for another reason: to humanize the mouse. “We didn’t want him to have mouse hands because he was supposed to be more human,” Disney told Thomas in 1957, according to the New York Times. “So we gave him gloves. Five fingers seemed like too much on such a little figure, so we took away one. That was just one less finger to animate.” All this nostalgic Disney talk makes us want to go back and look at these 18 vintage photos of Mickey Mouse.[/en] [cn]除了使动画制作简便化,华特·迪斯尼对他的传记作者鲍勃·托马斯说,手套的存在还有另一个原因——使老鼠拟人化。据《纽约时报》报道,1957年他对托马斯说:“我们不希望给米老鼠画上老鼠的手,因为他应该更像个人类,所以我们给他戴上了手套。而在这么小的一个人身上,五个手指看起来太迪士尼多了,所以我们减掉了一个,于是在动画中他们就只有四个手指。”[/cn] 翻译:MS小冰晶

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    作品的制作地点。”“一如既往,我们将与我们的制作伙伴和人才密切合作,决定如何以及在哪里拍摄任何已定项目。”[/cn] [en]Ted Sarandos, the chief content officer at Netflix, had said the company would “rethink our entire investment in Georgia” if the law went into effect.[/en][cn]Netflix的首席内容官特德·萨兰多斯(Ted Sarandos)曾表示,如果这项法律生效,该公司将“重新考虑我们在格鲁吉亚的全部投资”。[/cn]   今日词汇 abortion [ə'bɔ:ʃən]  n.堕胎   要表示“进行堕胎”要用 have an abortion She decided to have an abortion and insist she has the right to it. 她决定去堕胎,并坚持称她

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    以为豪的地方。[/cn] [en]Garcia uses a lot of organic silk and gets materials shipped from Europe. "I don’t charge cheaply, but I also don't deliver a cheap product," he said. His children’s costumes start at $600, and his adult looks begin at $1,800.[/en][cn]尼菲用了很多有机丝绸,他的材料都是从欧洲运来的。“我开价不尼便宜,但是一分钱一分货,”他说。他的儿童童话服装600美元起,而大人穿的至少要1800美元。[/cn] [en]For Garcia, his requests start at home.[/en][cn]尼菲自己家里就需求不断。[/cn] [en]"My daughter really wants me to make a frog costume that turns into a Tiana ballgown," he added. "And my wife suggested that I make a Princess Aurora dress that starts with her peasant dress, transforms into her pink dress, and then transforms into her blue dress."[/en][cn]“我女儿很想我做一件蒂安娜的青蛙礼服,我老婆建议我做欧若拉公主的服装,先是她的农妇装,然后变成粉红裙子,然后再变成蓝裙子。”[/cn] [en]But his dream is to share them with the world.[/en][cn]但他的梦想是和全世界一起分享他的服装。[/cn] [en]"I hope that someday I can make costumes for Broadway shows or live-action movies," Garcia said. "But I will never give up making pieces for people who are not in the industry — I like to give them quality outfits that they can't get anywhere else."[/en][cn]“我希望有一天我可以给百老汇或者真人表演的电影做戏服,”尼菲说,“但我会继续给普通的顾客做衣服,我喜欢给顾客做仅此一家的高品质服装。[/cn] 声明:双语文章中,中文翻译仅代表译者个人观点,仅供参考。如有不妥之处,欢迎指正。

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    化了肤色论”,并通过缩鼻和改变头发来赋予天娜公主“欧洲人的特征”。[/cn] [en]However following this backlash, the company have now promised to undo the lightening of her skin and have redrawn her in the film.[/en][cn]然而,在受到这种强烈反对之后,迪士尼现在已经承诺撤消让她的皮肤变白的决定,并将在电影中重新绘制她的皮肤。[/cn] [en]This news was revealed in a post by advocacy group Color of Change.[/en][cn]倡导组织“变革的颜色”在帖子中透露了这个消息。[/cn] [en]They wrote: "The creation of Princess Tiana, Disney's first Black princess marked a defining moment for how Black women and girls are presented in media, specifically in animated movies. We're glad Disney Animation has committed to restoring Tiana to her original form to ensure authenticity."[/en][cn]他们写道:“迪士尼第一位黑人公主蒂安娜公主的出现,标志着黑人妇女和女孩出现在媒体,尤其是动画电影中的决定性时刻。我们很高兴迪士尼动画公司决定将蒂安娜恢复到原来的肤色以确保其真实性。“[/cn] [en]People were thrilled with the news, but still a little frustrated that the incident occurred in the first place.[/en][cn]人们对这个消息感到非常兴奋,但仍然对一开始肤色的改变感到失望。[/cn] [en]One user said: "It's really unfortunate that this was an issue in the first place... though I am grateful that they listened."[/en] [cn]一位用户说:“一开始出现这样的问题真的很不幸......不过我很感激他们听取了观众的意见。”[/cn] [en]Another commented: "Much better."[/en] [cn]另一位评论说:“好多了。”[/cn] [en]A third added: "AYYYY see complaining does pay off sometimes."[/en][cn]第三位补充说:“耶~看来埋怨有时还是会得到回应的。”[/cn] 翻译:Jen

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    还是个孩子,而不是像他那样的成年人,而且他们之间不存在恋爱关系。[/cn]       [en]Only two Disney princesses have supernatural powers[/en] [cn]只有两个迪斯尼公主拥有超自然的力量[/cn]     [en]While Disney princess movies tend to focus the plot on some sort of magic, the main leading ladies rarely posses magical abilities themselves. The two exceptions are Rapunzel with her healing, glowing hair and Elsa with her icy powers.[/en]   [cn]虽然迪斯尼公主电影倾向于把情节集中在某种魔法上,但是女主角很少有自己的魔法能力。只有两个例外,一个是长发公主,她的头发闪闪发光并且具有修复能力;还有一个是艾尔莎,她有冰冻能力。[/cn]       [en]Sulley has a ton of hair[/en] [cn]苏利的头发特别多[/cn]     [en]The big blue protagonist in Monsters, Inc. has more than 2.3 million individual hairs. Since each one needed to be animated, it took about 12 hours just to produce a single frame with Sulley.[/en]   [cn]《怪兽公司》里的巨型蓝色主角拥有230多万根单独的毛发。因为每根头发都需要设置动画,所以光是制作一个简单的苏利的人物框架就需要花上12个小时。[/cn]       [en]And Dalmatians have a ton of spots[/en] [cn]斑点狗身

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