• 囧研究:女性更易对生活满意,但...

    升了3%以上。[/cn] [en]ONS statisticians linked the general rise in happiness last year to economic improvements, but gave no reason why women should have been cheering up more than men.[/en][cn]国家统计局的统计学家们将去年幸福指数的普遍上升与经济的改善联系在一起,但没有给出为什么女性应该比男性更研究快乐的理由。[/cn] [en]Nor could they explain why the improvements in well-being were detected in England while there was no noticeable change in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.[/en][cn]他们也不能解释为什么英格兰的幸福状况得到改善,而苏格兰、威尔士和北爱尔兰却没有明显的变化。[/cn] [en]The well-being ratings are produced from questions asked of more than 300,000 people in the ONS Annual Population Survey.[/en][cn]在国家统计局的年度人口调查中,有超过30万人被问及幸福指数。[/cn] [en]The four well-being questions ask whether people felt happy, if their lives were worthwhile, whether they were satisfied with their lives, and how anxious they felt on the day before they took part in the survey.[/en][cn]有四个关于幸福感的问题:人们是否开心,他们的生活是否有意义,是否对他们的生活感到满意,以及他们在参加调查前一天感到多么焦虑。[/cn] [en]The ONS report said: ‘Over time, women have consistently reported higher levels of life satisfaction and worthwhile every year, but have also reported higher levels of anxiety since we first began collecting data in 2011.’[/en][cn]英国国家统计局的报告称:“随着时间的推移,女性每年的生活满意度和价值都在不断提高,但自2011年以来收集的数据表明,她们的焦虑程度也有所上升。”[/cn] (翻译:小半)

  • 囧研究:玩囧研究手机对眼睛的伤害,究竟有多大?

    递给大脑。[/cn] [en]The team did find a molecule, a vitamin E derivative known as alpha tocopherol, that can stop the cells from dying.[/en][cn]研究小组发现一种分子,是维他命E的衍生物也就是α生育酚,能够阻止细胞的死亡。[/cn] [en]DrKarunarathne says some of the ways we can protect ourselves include wearing sunglasses that can filter both UV and blue light, using blue light filters on our phones, and not looking at cell phones or tablets in the dark.[/en][cn]有以下几种方式可以保护我们,包括佩戴太阳眼镜可以滤掉UV和蓝光,在手机上用蓝光滤膜,不要在黑的地方玩手机和平板,Karunarathne博士如是说。[/cn] (翻译:林浔鸥)

  • 囧研究:女性成员更注重朋友,而非异性!

    as opposed to their husband.[/en][cn]如今,由Champneys Health Spa开展的一项调查显示,超过50%的已婚女性愿意花时间与自己最好的朋友在一起,而不是与丈夫在一起。[/cn] [en]1,517 women from the UK were involved in the research, which is unlikely to shock many but won't be pleasant reading for husbands around the country. [/en][cn]来自英国的1517名女性参与了这项研究,这一研究虽然不太可能

  • 囧研究:一天7杯咖啡能让你活得更久!


  • 囧研究:假新闻也有好处?

    可以化解矛盾。[/cn] [en]Table 1. Denial101x lectures adhering to Fact-Myth-Fallacy structure.[/en][cn]表1 遵循“事实—迷思—谬误”框架的“否定事实”入门课[/cn] [en]Science has, in a moment of frankness, informed us that throwing more science at people isn’t the full answer to science denial. Misinformation is a reality that we can’t afford to ignore–we can’t be in denial about science denial. Rather, we should see it as an educational opportunity. Addressing misconceptions in the classroom is one of the most powerful ways to teach science.[/en][cn]科学明白地告诉我们,向

  • 囧研究:女性觉得自己周一最丑!

    了解正确的时间,还要了解错误的时间,这也许是更加重要的。”[/cn] [en]Monday becomes the day to encourage the beauty product consumer to get going and feel beautiful again, so marketing messages should focus on feeling smart, instant beauty and fashion fixes, and getting things planned and done. [/en][cn]周一成为了商家鼓励化妆品消费者们振作起来,重拾自信的日子,所以销售信息应围绕着树立潇洒气场,快速美容和时尚定型,为一周做好计划、诉诸实施等等展开。[/cn] [en]PDA say: 'When it comes to engaging with women at any level, knowing where she is on her personal attractiveness index, and the appropriate messages relative to that information, can only make for a more productive exchange.'[/en][cn]PDA的销售专家们说:“当你和任何层次的女性交流时,知道她的自我感受指数,以及与之相匹配的信息,这

  • 囧研究:瘦人更容易得抑郁症?

    囧研究人和女人在对待超重这个问题上的态度是不同的。[/cn] [en]They said: “It seems that the current ideal of thinness affects women more than their male counterparts and causes more psychological distress in women, which can, in turn, lead to depression.[/en][cn]他们说

  • 囧研究:单身女性比男性更快乐!


  • 囧研究:只有13%的人有意义的工作


  • 囧研究:睡得太多可能不利于你的健康!

    [en]Too much sleep could be linked to heart problems and [w]premature[/w] death, research has revealed.[/en][cn]研究