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  • 美女上错身S04E08 MJE美剧笔记 每个人都有自己的难处


  • 健身房也开始消费升级,升级方式:住在健身房

    度上取决于他们最认同的品牌。[/cn] [en]Last April, Life Time decided to fully embrace coworking within its sprawling fitness centers. It now has four locations with dedicated workspace, conference rooms, private phone booths, and tech support. With its new residences, the company is being more mindful of what its entire campus has to offer.[/en][cn]去年四月,Life Time决定和其不断开分店的健身中心合作。现有4处地点配有专用工作区、会议室、私人电话亭和技术支持。对于该公司的新住宅,这家公司正在更加关注其整个居住环境所身品牌Life Time想要你住在健身提供的服务。[/cn] [en]CEO Bahram Akradi says he’s thinking about what kind of food and retail is located nearby. Some of that will be predetermined by the existing landlord, but in some instances, Life Time will be able to plug in its own choices. For instance, in Dallas, Life Time is building its residence and fitness center from the ground up and will be able to control which boutique and specialty retailers get placed in the development.[/en][cn]公司的首席执行官Bahram Akradi称他正在考虑附近可以有些什么样的食品和零售商店。其中一些将由现有的房东预先决定,但是有些情况,Life Time会插入自己的意见。比如,在达拉斯,Life Time的住宅和健身中心是从无到有,在他们的住宅中就会控制精品店和专业零售商的数量。[/cn]   翻译:林浔鸥

  • Lululemon不光要做运动服装,现在进军健身app领域了

    以上健身课和个人训练课程。[/cn] [en]In a statement, Lululemon CEO Calvin McDonald said the company looks forward to working with Mirror to "accelerate the growth of personalized in-home fitness."[/en][cn]露露乐蒙首席执行官Calvin McDonald在一份声明中说该公司期待与Mirror合作,“加快个性化居家健身的发展”。[/cn] [en]Mirror, which launched in September 2018 and has raised $72 million from investors including Lululemon, is one of several companies changing the fitness landscape by making it easy for anyone to engage in live or on-demand interactive workout classes from the comfort of their home — with a substantial price tag. Mirror costs nearly $1,500 before tax and installation fees, plus ongoing subscription fees of $39 per month (for up to six people in a household) to access its on-demand or live classes. Personal training sessions run an additional $40 each.[/en][cn]Mirror公司于2018年9月成立,融资7200万美元,露露乐蒙就是投资者之一。Mirror让每个人轻易就能在舒适的家中上直播或点播的互动健身课程,是改变了健身业态的几家公司之一。Mirror的产品价格不菲,税前售价和安装费用接近1,500美元,点播或直播课每月还要收取39美元的订阅费(一家最多6个人)。个人培训课程每人还要40美元。[/cn] [en]While taking classes like cardio workouts, yoga and boxing, customers can see key metrics like their heartbeats-per-minute (or BPM) and calories burned. The device, which is controlled by an app on your phone, comes with fitness bands, a stand and a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor.[/en][cn]上有氧运动、瑜伽和拳击这些课时,用户可以看到自己的关键指标,如每分钟的心跳和热量消耗值。通过你手机上的应用程序可以控制这个设备,还附赠健身腕带、支架和蓝牙心率监护仪。[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

  • 雷神发ins推出6周免费健身课程,让大家疫情期间在家练

      ~今日Instagram精选~   看最鲜活的推文,学最鲜活的英语   疫情期间在家隔离,不少人都体验到了牛仔裤极速变紧的惨况。 有时候想运动运动、减减肥,但是也不知道怎么动。 现在好了,锤哥在网上推出了自己的6周健身课程,而且还是免费的,让大家可以跟着在家练。     嗨,大家好,在这个充满不确定性的自我隔离时期,我要在@Centrfit网站提供一套为期6周的健康及健身计划,免费提供!快去 centr.com 注册吧。   今日语言点 1.isolation [ˌaɪsəˈleɪʃn]  n. 隔离 2.uncertainty [ʌnˈsɜːrtnti]  n.不确定性 3.fitness [ˈfɪtnəs]  n.健身   1. 我们中文常说的“健身”,在英文中不是 exercise,也不是 work out,而是 fitness。其中 fit 这个词作形容词的时候可以表示“健康的”,fitness 就是它的衍生词。work out 是用来形容“去健身”,fitness 才是“健身”的正统名词。   你还能说出fit的其他意思吗?  

  • 健身领域新潮流:像巨型手机一样的智能镜子

    给你动力的屏幕上的私人教练,以及实时的动作纠正让我有信心在举起重量时不用担心会受伤。它可能没有Peloton那么有趣、让人上瘾,但它能显示你锻炼的图像,比当面授课划算,当面授课最少也要100美元。[/cn] [en]The idea of democratizing access to trainers is what convinced Eldeeb and the Tempo team to stretch its initial $1.8 million in seed funding for four years. While collecting data from its SmartSpot in-gym weight lifting assessment device, Tempo survived long enough to build this prototype.[/en][cn]使锻炼的人都能有接触教练的机会这一想法使Eldeeb和Tempo的团队将最初180万美元的种子基金延长4年。Tempo利用健身房内的举重评估装置SmartSpot健身镜来收集数据,历经很长时间才制作出了产品原型。[/cn]   翻译:菲菲

  • 英国公主成功瘦身20斤!减肥秘诀都在这里!

    回合下拉12次,重复训练3回合[/cn] [en]- Dumbbell shoulder press 3 sets of 12 reps[/en][cn]用哑铃进行肩推练习 每回合推举12次,重复训练3回合[/cn] [en]- Cable rope tricep extension, 3 Sets of 12 reps ( slow and controlled)[/en][cn]用缆绳进行三头肌伸展练习 每回合伸展12次,重复训练3回合[/cn] (翻译:Dlacus)

  • 南非冷知识:南非人爱健身

    南非五分之一的成年人每月至少去一次健身房或健身俱乐部。 emmmm,光是坚持健身的就有1/5,那再算上那些办了卡就彻底不去的,健身行业的渗透率可以说是非常高了。   想看更多【南非冷知识】吗? ↓↓↓ 点击这里,发现更多~


    环球冷知识 南非

  • 双语美文:关于幸福的蟑螂理论

    到了附近的另一个女士的腿上。[/cn] [en]Now, it was the turn of the other lady in the group to continue the drama.[/en][cn]现在,轮到这第二位女士开始慌乱了。[/cn] [en]The waiter rushed forward to their rescue.[/en][cn]服务员冲过来,帮他们解决了问题。[/cn] [en]In the relay of throwing, the cockroach next fell upon the waiter.[/en][cn]如同递交接力棒一样,蟑螂这次又飞到了服务员身上。[/cn] [en]The waiter stood firm, composed himself and observed the behavior of the cockroach on his shirt.[/en][cn]服务员却只是定定的站着,强忍着没有惊慌失措,还冷静的观察着蟑螂在自己衬衣上如何爬动。[/cn] [en]When he was confident enough, he grabbed it with his fingers and threw it out

  • 傻脸娜希望和霉霉梦幻联动?双厨狂喜!


  • Quora精选:有什么物美价廉的护肤方法?

    够好(每天8小时)。[/cn]   获得784.2k好评的回答@Wilfredo Thomas: [en]Why do older people have trouble walking and, in more severe cases, begin to fall because their bodies are too weak?[/en][cn]为什么老年人走路困难,更严重的还会开始摔倒?因为他们的身体太虚弱了。[/cn] [en]The older you get, the more muscle you lose. It’s called sarcopenia. According to one study.[/en][cn]年龄越大,损失的肌肉越多。一项研究表明,这叫作“肌少症”。[/cn] [en]Is there a way to prevent it?[/en][cn]有没有预防的方法呢?[/cn] [en]Yep. Bodybuilding.[/en][cn]有,健身。[/cn] [en]Picking up weights and moving a few dozen times will prevent, and even reverse Sarcopenia.[/en][cn]增重或移动数十次将能预防甚至使肌少症逆转。[/cn] [en]So if you want to be able to walk when you’re 70 years old, get a gym membership.[/en][cn]所以如果你想在70岁时还能走路,去健身房办个会员吧。[/cn]   (翻译:菲菲)