• 面试英语对话:谈谈在学校的表现

    任何一个企业在面试的时候肯定会问到应聘者的毕业院校,在学校的表现、参加的社会活动、获得过的荣誉和成绩等,你的回答是什么样的呢?你想好了该如面试何用英语表达吗?看看下面的英语面试对话是怎么说的。   a: are you a student leader at college?   b: yes. i've served as the monitor of our class for two years.   a: have you got any honors or rewards in your university days?   b: yes. i've been on the honor roll for three academic years.   a: have you been involved in any extracurricular activities at college?   b: yes. i've been on the college basketball team.   a: what sports do you usually take part in at college?   b: i sometimes play table tennis and sometimes play basketball.   a: is there anything you regret not having done or would like to have done differently at college?   b: i've spent so much time on club activities during the four years. however, i've never missed any of my classes. but i think my academic records would have been much better if i had put more time and energy into studying, looking back on it.   a: is there any teacher who impresses you very deeply during your student life?   b: yes. our maths professor has left a deep impression on me. in class, he is responsible in teaching and very strict with us students. but out of class, he treats us on his own sons and daughters. we all like him very much. 词汇学习: college['kɔlidʒ]大学;学院 monitor[ˈmɒnɪtə]班长;监督员;监控;监视; rewards[rɪˈwɔːd] 报答,报酬;酬金;奖赏 university[ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsɪtɪ]大学,综合性高等学府;大学师生员工 honor[ˈɒnə]尊敬,给以荣誉 academic[ˌækəˈdɛmɪk]学校的;教学的,大学生;大学教师;学者 extracurricular[ˌɛkstrəkəˈrɪkjʊlə]课外的,业余的 以上对话的内容是主考官在询问面试者一些基本信息,例如怎样利用业余时间等。主考官问这些问题,一是为了了解应聘者的基本情况,二是为了使应聘者放松心情,所以大家在面试的时候要扬长避短。



  • 面试英语情景对话 学与面试官交谈的表达方式

    作了多年。 A: Oh, did he?是吗? B: Yes, but he retired 5 years ago.是的。但是他5年前退休了。 A: Would you mind telling me a little bit about your present job?你可以谈谈你目前的工作情况吗? B: I’m a senior broker in a large company. I deal with clients on a daily basis, handling all aspects of their accounts personally.     我是一家大公司的资深经纪人。我每天与客户打交道,处理他们的一切事物。 A: Do you think you are the right candidate for this position?你认为你适合这个职位吗? B: Yes, I do think I am the right candidate for this position.是的。我这样认为。 A: Why do you think you’re the right candidate for this position?你为什么这么认为呢? B: Well, I have a lot of experience in this area. I have all the qualifications you need. I enjoy working with people. In my current job, I’m in charge of a team of eight people.     嗯,在这个方面,我有丰富的经验。我满足贵公司的所有条件。我愿意与人合作交流。目前我负责管理的团队有8个人。 A: Well, you might be the person we’ve been looking for. Do you have any question?: 嗯,你可能正是我们在找的人。你还有什么问题吗? B: Yes, if I were hired, when would you like me to start?如果我被雇佣,贵公司希望我什么时候开始上班? A: At the end of this month.本月底? B: And how many accounts would I handle?我需要管理多少个账户呢? A: You’ll be supervising six brokers who manage a combined total of 310 accounts.你要管理6个经纪人,共310个客户账户。 B: What kind of benefit package do you offer?福利待遇怎样呢? A: Two weeks of paid vacation in your first year of employment. You’re also eligible for medical and dental insurance. And we offer a generous retirement plan after 10 years of service. Do you have any other questions?      被雇佣的第一年,有两周的带薪休假。我们提供医疗保险和牙医保险。工作10年后,我们还有丰厚的养老计划。你还有其它问题吗? B: No, not at the moment.暂时没有了。 A: Well, I’ll have to discuss your application with my colleagues, and we’ll get back to you early next week.     我要面试与我的同事讨论你的申请。下周初我们会给你答复。 B: Thanks. It was very nice to meet you. 谢谢。很高兴见到您。 A: it was nice to meet you, too. And thanks for coming in today.很高兴见到你。谢谢你来。



  • 英语面试:如何巧妙回答5个经典面试题

    重要的是要确信顾客能够满意。不久便有顾客返回那家服装店点名让我为他们服务。[/cn] [en]2.What‘s your greatest weakness?[/en] [cn]2.你最大的缺点是什么?[/cn] [en]This is a popular question that employers like to ask to make candidates nervous! In fact, they ask this to know how you respond to a difficult question. You shouldn’t answer by telling your greatest weakness since you might not get the job! Instead, you can tell them something that isn’t directly related to the job position.[/en] [cn]老板特别爱问这个问题,让面试者感到很紧张。事实上,他问这个问题是看你对棘手问题的反应。你没必要如实回答你的弱点,因为那有可能让你得不到这份工作。相反,你可以告诉他们一些与工作不直接相关的事情。[/cn] [en]3.Why should I hire you? [/en] [cn]3.为什么我应该聘用你?[/cn] [en]Once again, you should not be long winded, but you should provide a summary of your qualifications. Be positive and show that you are capable of doing the job.  Based on the internships that I have participated in and the related part-time experiences I have had, I can do the job. [/en] [cn]同样,你不应长篇大论,而应提供有关你资历的扼要说明。要肯定自己,表明你能胜任此项工作。[/cn] [en]4.What kind of salary did you have in mind? [cn]4.你期望的薪水是多少?[/en] [en]Salary is how much money you earn, usually per year. When asked this, it‘s best to answer with a salary range or [w]approximation[/w] and not an exact figure. This shows that you are familiar with the industry if you know what the approximate salary should be.[/en] [cn]“salary”就是你赚多少钱,通常是年收入。回答这个问题时,最好说出一个大致范围,而不是一个确切的数字。如果你能说出这个工资范围,那就说明你对此行业非常了解。[/cn] [en]5.What would you like to be doing five years from now?[/en] [cn]从今以后5年内你想做些什么?[/cn] [en]Know what you can realistically accomplish. You can find out by talking to others about what they accomplished in their first five years with a particular company.[/en] [cn]你要清楚你实际上能胜任什么。你可以事先和英语面试的时候,会涉及到关于工作的各种问题,所以求职要事先准备好一些工作上的专有英语他人交流一番。问问他们在某公司的头5年都做了些什么。[/cn]



  • 面试英语对话:选择来我们公司应聘的理由

    HR在面试中经常都会问到这样一个看似简单而又不太好回答的问题:你为什么选择我们公司?是因为工资高福利好?美女帅哥多?还是想学本事?其实这面试本来不是什么问题的问题反而会让很多人很难拿捏尺度回答,下面来看看下面这段对话是怎么回答这个问题的吧。   a: why are you interested in working with this company?   b: I am interested in working with your company because i know yours is one of the largest computer companies in our country (porvince, city)。 my major in the university is computer programming, so i wish to have the opportunity to apply my knowledge here.   a: do you choose this company on account of high pay (or remuneration)?   b: no, not only for high pay (remuneration), but also for a good working environment. as far as i know, working in a sino-foreign joint venture calls for punctuality and responsibility. it is such a working environment that i am looking for.   a: have you applied for a similiar post to any other company?   b: yes, i've also applied to global huada company ltd. —— a sina-american joint venture, in case i may not be accepted here.   a: what is the result of your application to that company?   b: they've turned me down.   a: what's the reason why you failed to get the post?       b: my domicile isn't in this city and they needed a local resident. that's the sole reason for my failure to get the post.   a: if you are employed by both companies, whose offer will you accept?   b: needless to say, my first choice is your company. 词汇学习: largest [lɑːdʒ] 大的,宽大的 companies [ˈkʌmpənɪ]公司;商号 major[ˈmeɪdʒə] 主修科目,专业 university[ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsɪtɪ]大学,综合性高等学府 programming [ˈprəʊɡræmɪŋ]规划,设计;编程 opportunity[ˌɒpəˈtjuːnɪtɪ]机会,良机 以上对话的内容是主考官在询问面试者一些基本信息,例如为什么对这份工作感兴趣,为什么不选择其它公司等。主考官问这些问题,你知道该如何回答了吗??



  • 英语专业的面试情景模拟对话一则

    坐吧。 [/cn] [en]I: Thank you. Good afternoon Mrs. Xxx, Miss xxx, Miss xxx. [/en] [cn]谢谢你。下午好,xxx女士、xxx小姐、xxx小姐。 [/cn] [en]A: Your English is fluent. [/en] [cn]你的英语很流利。[/cn] [en]I: Thank you. [/en] [cn]谢谢夸奖。 [/cn] [en]A: How do you think of the weather today? [/en] [cn]你觉得今天的天气如何? [/cn] [en]I: I don't like the weather like this. Cold and rainy. Hope it become sunny as soon as possible. [/en] [cn]我不喜欢这样的天气,又冷还下着雨,真希望早点出太阳。[/cn] [en]I: Mr.Shu,would you mind if I ask you some questions, which may sound impolite? [/en] [cn]舒先生,我可以问你几个听起来可能不是很有礼貌的问题吗? [/cn] [en]A: Ah,never mind, please. [/en] [cn]啊,没关系,请问吧。[/cn] [en]I: Can you tell me how old you are? [/en] [cn]你能告诉我你多大了吗? [/cn] [en]A: I am 25 years old. [/en] [cn]我25岁了。 [/cn] [en]I: Our advertisement says English competence is a key requirement of this position. Then how do you think of your proficiency in written and spoken English? [/en] [cn]我们的招聘广告要求这个职位的应聘者应当具有相面当好的英语水平,那么,你认为你的书面英语和口语能力如何呢? [/cn] [en]A: I have learned English for 10 years, and I have passed College English Test Band 4 and 6.My spoken English is fairly good enough to express myself fluently.[/en] [cn]我已经学英语10年了,而且我通过了大学英语四级和六级。我能用英语口语把自己的想法流利地表达出来。 [/cn] [en]I: What other foreign language do you speak? [/en] [cn]你还能说其他别的外语吗? [/cn] [en]A: I did self-study of Japanese in college, and I can carry on some simple conversations in Japanese. [/en] [cn]我在大学时自学过日语,我能用日语进行一些简单的对话。 [/cn]



  • 面试英语之自我求职定位

    面试自我优势表现出来也能为自己求职加分。以下是对自我能力优势的定位问答。 [en]Q: What leadership qualities do you develop as an administrative personnel?[/en][cn]作为行政人员,你有什么样的领导才能?[/cn] [en]A: I have the view that learning how to motivate people and to work together as a team will be the major goal of my leadership.[/en] [cn]我觉得学习如何把人们的积极性调动起来,以及如何配合协同的团队精神,是我行政工作的主要目标。 [/cn] [en]A: I have refined my management style by using an open policy.[/en] [cn]我会运用开放的管理策略,并且改进我的行政管理方式。 [/cn] [en]Q: How long would you like to stay with this company? [/en][cn]你会在本公司服务多久呢? [/cn] [en]A: I will stay



  • 面试三个攻略:如何取得面试顺利

    推力的作用,过度注重实习不仅不会有任何帮助,甚至会耽误自己宝贵的求职时间。广大求职者,尤其是高校毕业生,要认清并端正实习的目的与态度。自己不想从事的工作,不符合自己职业规划方向的工作,就尽量不要盲目地去实习。 2、优秀的语言表达能力 刚刚走出校园求职的高校毕业生,对社会和工作都还比较陌生。在见到面试官后便面红耳赤,更不用说在面试官问出问题后怎么作答了,这样肯定无法得到自己渴望的职位。在校期间,大部分的时间都用于自己的专业课知识学习和专业技能的锻炼,尤其是被称为首要元素能力的语言表达能力和人格魅力,以及企业最面试通知电话时都会比较紧张,语需要的,同时目前大学教育普遍缺失的为企业创造财富和价值的职业能力。 3、简历真实 很多应届大学毕业生都想很快得到自己理想的职位,求职简历并不是在要毕业了,找工作前自己随便写出来的,简历上的东西一定是要真实!简历的内容必须是真实的。在面试中,面对面试官提出的问题,尽可能地克制自己求职时的紧张情绪。沉着、冷静,才能在面试的过程中良好发挥。要以诚实、稳重、谦虚的态度来表达自己,尽量给面试官留下诚恳、可靠、成熟又干练的印象。



  • 英语面试对话情景模拟:回答有关目标问题

    划在我们公司干多久?[/cn] [en]A: That obviously depends on how things go -- whether I`m suited to the firm and the firm to me.[/en] [cn]这当然依事情的发展而定,得看我和公司之间是否互相适合。[/cn] [en]I: Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you do to achieve them.[/en] [cn]能说说你的近期目标以及如何去实现它吗?[/cn] [en]A: I want to put my knowledge and experience to use in a challenging position. In order to achieve this goal, I just want to work step by step.[/en] [cn]我想把我的知识和经验运英语面试中,求职者可能有时候对一些问题,不知该如何回答,本文整理了英语面试对话,其中包括面试用到一个具有挑战性的工作中,为了达到这个目标,我只想一步一步地踏实工作。[/cn] [en]I: What is your long-range objective?[/en] [cn]你的长远目标是什么?[/cn] [en]A: I haven`t thought it over at all.[/en] 我还没有认真考虑过。 [en]I: What do you think is the most important thing when looking for a job?[/en] [cn]在找工作时,你认为什么最重要?[/cn] [en]A: I think the most important thing is the interest in the job.[/en] [cn]我认为是对工作的兴趣。[/cn]



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  • 求职者该如何准备英语面试

    面试标准。三、问题的准备。希望本篇文章对大家有所帮助。 [en]一、Know yourself[/en] [cn]了解你自己[/cn] [en]Whether you're at the most senior level, or starting a career at entry-level, it is imperative that you know your product in order to be competitive in today's marketplace. Know what your product is,and how it adds value and benefit to an organization. Don't presume that you can figure it out during an interview. For most of us,it simply can't happen! Do some research on yourself. Prepare. Plan. Practice. Perform.[/en] [cn]无论你是在最高级的水平,或开始一个事业在基层,至关重要的是,你知道你的产品(你)为了能在今天的市场竞争。知道你的产品是什么,增添价值和效益,不要假定你可以在面试中弄清楚。大多数人不可能在面试中弄清楚!做一些研究计划。准备、计划、联系、表现[/cn] [en]二、Know company[/en] [cn]了解公司[/cn] [en]Try to find out who the interviewer will be and research him or her at the company‘s website. Hopefully you will learn something about the interviewer’s general interests and how he or she fits into the organisation.[/en] [cn]试着搞清楚那天面试你的会是谁,然后在公司网面试情况,本文整理了三条不得不知的英语面试技巧。一、了解自己,知道自己的优缺点价值所在。二、了解公司,知道公司背景和面试站上查找一些他/她的资料。如果顺利的话,你可能可以了解对方的喜好,以及他/她在公司具体做什么工作?[/cn] [cn][en]三、Think about how to answer questions[/en] 想该如何回答问题[/cn] [en]Hundreds of possible questions but your research into the organisation should have given you some understanding of what they are looking for. Even if you aren‘t asked the questions you prepare,the practice will give you confidence. You should also prepare some intelligent questions to ask; then with a friend or, in front of a mirror, practice them.[/en] [cn]面试的问题成千上万,不过你对这个公司所做的调查应该能让你知道对方想找什么样的人。即便你事前准备的问题没有被问到,准备的过程也能给你信心。同时,你也应该准备一些聪明的问题来问对方。最后找个朋友或是找面镜子练习。[/cn]