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  • X-Factor第4名Marcus Canty新单Used By You

    沪江英乐:第一季美版X-Factor第4名Marcus Canty带来新单曲Used By You,收录在他即将发行的EP This...Is Marcus Canty,MV今天首播~看Used看他再被评委L.A. Reid签入旗下后能带来什么好成绩吧~ 【X-Factor第4名Marcus Canty新单Used By You 】 歌词: Uuuuuuu Uuuuuuu Oh baby, oh baby Yeah! Used to be perfect, But lately things ain't workin' You know he's messing 'round you I know

  • 神曲《Somebody That I Used To Know》爆笑改编:学过的都忘了

    Used To Know》火遍全球,热度不减。日前就有歌迷恶搞翻拍了另类的MV《Some Study That I Used

  • “used to+不定式”和“be/get used to”比较

    used to + infinitive and be/get used to + ing form because they look similar. They are, however, completely different. [/en][cn]人们常常会对“used to+不定式”和“be/get used



  • used to/be used to

    11.3 used to / be used to     used to + do:"过去常常"表示过去习惯性的动作或状态,但如今已不存在。   Mother used not to be so forgetful.     Scarf used to take a walk.  (过去常常散步)   be used to + doing: 对……已感到习惯,或"习惯于",to是介词,后需加名词或动名词。   He is used to a vegetarian diet.     Scarf is used to taking a walk.(现在习惯于散步) 典型例题

  • 记忆中的美好和欢愉:Happy I Used To Be

    沪江英乐讯  还记得在沪江英乐听过这位独立歌手Egil Olsen的一首清新小品Nothing Like The Love I have for You吗?小编今天再推荐一首他的歌吧。最初发现这个低调的独立歌手时,感觉如获至宝,因为很久没有听过旋律这样轻灵的独立小调了。这首Happy I Used To Be,也是小编搬离寝室时,室友做的一个告别PPT中用的背景音乐。这份感动和美好的旋律,今天与你共同分享。 Egil Olsen 《Nothing Like The Love I Have For You》试听>> Artist:Egil Olsen Song:Happy I Used

  • 情态动词used to在句子中的用法

    一、Used to表示过去的习惯动作或状态,现在已不存在,在间接引语中,其形式可不变。如: 1.He told us he used to play football when he was young. 他告诉我们他年轻时经常踢足球。 2.I weigh less than I used to. 我的体重比以前轻了。 3.He is used to eating out all the time. 他已经习惯在外面吃饭了。 4.You'll get used to it. 你会习惯的。 5.Are you used to the food here? 你习惯吃这儿的饭菜吗? 6.I



  • Past habit – used to/would/past simple 过去的习惯—used

    [en]When we talk about things that happened in the past but don’t happen anymore we can do it in different ways.[/en][cn]当我们谈论发生在过去而现在不再发生的事情的时候,我们能用以下几种表达方式。[/cn] Used to • We used to live in New York when I was a kid. • There didn’t use to be a petrol station there. When was it built? [en]We can use ‘used to’ to talk about past states ….[/en][cn]我们能用used to去表示过去的状态。[/cn]• I used to go swimming every Thursday when I was at school. • I used to smoke but I gave up a few years ago. [en]… or we can use ‘used to’ to talk about repeated past actions[/en][cn]或者用used to去谈论重复的过去的动作。[/cn] [en]Remember that ‘used to’ is only for past states/actions that don’t happen now – we can’t use it for things that still happen now. Also, ‘used to + infinitive’ should not be confused with ‘be/get used to + ‘ing’ form’ – this is covered in a separate section.[/en][cn]请记住,used to只能用于现在不再发生的状态或者动作,我们不能用它形容现在还在发生的事情。同样的,used to+动词不定式不要和be/get used to + ‘ing’ 形式混淆,这个区别会在其他章节里涉及。[/cn] Would • Every Saturday I would go on a long bike ride. • My teachers would always say “Sit down and shut up!” [en]We can use ‘would’ to talk about repeated past actions.[/en][cn]我们用would来谈论重复的过去的动作。[/cn][en]Often either ‘would’ or ‘used to’ is possible. Both of these sentences are possible.[/en][cn]一般来讲,would和used to都是可以用于谈论过去的动作,下面两个句子都是说的过去的。[/cn]• Every Saturday, I would go on a long bike ride. • Every Saturday I used to go on a long bike ride. [en]However, only ‘used to’ is possible when we talk about past states.[/en][cn]但是,只有“used to”是可以用于谈论过去的状态。[/cn]• We used to live in New York when I was a kid. • We would live in New York when I was a kid. [en]Past simple[/en][cn]一般过去时[/cn] • We went/used to go/would go to the same beach every summer. [en]We can use the past simple in the same way as ‘used to’ and ‘would’ to talk about repeated past actions.[/en][cn]一般过去时可以跟used to和would同样的用法去说明过去重复的动作。[/cn]• I had/used to have a dog called Charlie. [en]We can also use the past simple for past states. [/en][cn]我们同样可以用一般过去时表示过去的状态。[/cn]• I went to Egypt in 1988. [en]However, if something happened only once we can’t use ‘used to’ or ‘would’ – we must use the past simple.[/en][cn]但是,如果过去的某事是只发生了一次的,我们不能用used to或者would,我们必须用一般过去时。[/cn]



  • “used to+不定式”和“be/get used to”比较

    used to + infinitive and be/get used to + ‘ing’ form because they look similar. They are, however, completely different. 人们常常会对“used to+不定式”和“be/get used



  • 词汇精选:used to的用法和辨析

    一、详细释义: phr. 过去习惯于…,过去经常… 例句: Americans used to like big cars, and gasoline used to be very inexpensive. 过去美国人喜欢大型轿车,那时汽油很便宜。 例句: I used to love to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 我过去很喜欢去大都会美术馆。 二、词义辨析: used to,would 这两个词均含“过去惯常,过去总是”之意。 used to指客观地表示过去的习惯,既可是过去经常发生的动作,又可是过去一向存在的状态,比would通俗,往往含今昔感。 would指过去经常发生的行为,主观感情色彩较浓,只表过去惯常行为,既不表状态也不表持续动作。不含“过去如此,现在不再这样”的意味。 三、参考例句: We used to oversleep. 我们过去总是睡过头。 I never used to oversleep. 我从不习惯多睡。 I used to play basketball. 我过去常打篮球。 I never used to oversleep. 我从不睡懒觉。 I used to collect stamps. 我过去曾经集邮。 Rick was used to the condescending tone. 瑞克已经一贯了这种故意屈尊的语气。 Sulfur is also used to sterilise equipment. 硫磺也用used to like big cars, and gasoline used来给设备消毒。 I used to walk off my headache. 我常常以散步来消除头痛。 Mother used to make peach preserves. 妈妈过去常常自制桃子果酱。 I used to do business with him. 我过去和他常有业务往来。

  • 治愈系蓝调:Kirk Franklin - How It Used to Be

    沪江英乐讯   Kirk Franklin,来自来自美国的福音音乐人,节奏蓝调歌手,也是词作者,制片人和音乐编辑。静谧而直搅心底的节奏蓝调力量,令人在不经意间迷失在这样的旋律里。 Artist:Kirk Franklin Song:How It Used to Be I ain't gonna lie, I can't even count the days Or the many nights I tried living here alone A heart full of pride, you couldn't see the enemy was me I was blind