Where would you eat after winning an Oscar? Fresh off of his win at the Academy Awards, Ang Lee headed down the strip for an In-N-Out Burger.

Yep, dressed in his Awards Show Best, clenching an irreplaceable golden statue, and riding an emotional high after being named the best director of the year, Ang Lee unwrapped a greasy burger from In-N-Out and stuffed his face.

It’s not surprising that Lee needed a little comfort food after the ceremony. The Life Of Pi director said that he was exhausted after taking thousands of pictures and lugging around his little statue all night.


Lee said: “I’m a little tired. Holding this and taking photos for hours … The whole place seems to be very happy when I win. And they stood up and there were cheers. So that was very touching, you know?”

Life Of PI earned 11 Oscar nominations and walked away with four at the 85th Academy Awards. The movie won for best directing, cinematography, original score and visual effects.

That absolutely earned Ang Lee a greasy In-N-Out burger.