To celebrate ‘The Oscars‘ which aired this past Sunday, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ introduced a parody of one of the biggest winners of the awards ceremony, ‘Life of Pi‘, with a “sequel” entitled ‘Life of Psy‘, a life which doesn’t end too well at that.

South Korean rapper PSY faces a tiger during American late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. Hit the YouTube video titles “Life of Psy” from the post Oscars episode with Jimmy Kimmel to see the fate of Gangnam Style dancer.

The ‘Life of Pi’ “sequel” shows Psy as the protagonist stranded at sea with just two things, a tiger and a boombox which only plays his hit song “Gangnam Style“. Although some K-pop fans found the video to be offensive to Psy’s success, Psy, himself, gave his stamp of approval as he retweeted the link to the video.