1. maid [meid] n.女仆,侍女

2. trickle n. 滴;淌;细流,涓流

3. deed [di:d] n.行为,事迹
unit 31 Never Forget Little Things Little lads' and little maids, Honest every one wants to be; Only learns the following rule, A bright future you'll see. Little letters form a thought, Little thoughts,a book; Little drops make a trickle, little trickles,lake or brook. Little seconds form minutes, Little minutes make hours; Little seeds form trees, And grow into fine flowers. Every doing forms a deed, Every deed makes a little thing; Notice every word and act, you'll have a beautiful spring.
小伙们姑娘们, 谁都希望成为诚实的人; 只要学会下面的原则, 你就会有光辉的前程。 小小字母构成点滴思想, 点滴思想变成宏篇巨著; 滴滴水珠汇成涓涓细流, 涓涓细流汇成滔滔江湖。 一秒一秒构成一分, 分分秒秒构成时辰; 一粒粒种子长成树木, 盛开出美丽的花朵。 一件件小事汇成伟业, 惊天动地来自点滴小事; 注意自己的一言一行, 你就会拥有美丽的春天。