Jim approves! Jim Parsons may have been getting honored at the GLESN Respect Awards Friday night, but he took away some time to dish on his Big Bang Theory costar Kaley Cuoco's new fiance! During the red carpet at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., the actor revealed what he thinks about Cuoco's fiance Ryan Sweeting -- and how he himself will benefit from their relationship!
Jim支持!Jim Parsons周五晚刚刚被GLESN(同性恋网站)评为最鼓舞人心同性恋CP,在当晚他还不忘聊聊《生活大爆炸》女星Kaley Cuoco刚订婚的未婚夫!在当晚晚宴上,Jim跟大家聊了Cuoco的未婚夫Ryan Sweeting——还目测自己能从他们的恋情中能得到哪些好处!

"First off, she's engaged to Ryan and he is wonderful," the 40-year-old actor exclaimed to Us Weekly. "As I made very clear, I'm a big big tennis fan and he's a tennis player, so I expect to exploit this relationship for all it's worth," he joked.
“首先,她和Ryan订婚了,而Ryan的确是个好男人,”这位40岁男星接受《美国周刊》采访时说。“我早就说过,我是网球超级粉,而Ryan又是网球运动员,所以他们俩谈恋爱我就赚大了,”Jim Parsons开玩笑说。

"For tickets to events -- free anything!" he added. "I want Serena [Williams] to sign something for me. She's my favorite."

Parsons and Cuoco -- costars since 2007 -- are close friends off set and are clearly supportive of each other. When Parsons won at the 2013 Primetime Emmys for Best Actor in a Comedy Series last month, Cuoco, 27, was spotted crying in the audience for her good friend.
Parsons和Cuoco——从2007年开始搭档演出——两人随后就成为互相支持的亲密好友。在2013年艾美奖颁奖典礼上,当Jim Parsons拿下喜剧类最佳男演员的时候,Cuoco在台下为好友留下了开心的泪水。