Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory is having a great run at awards ceremonies. He won the Emmy and he’s fresh off a win at the Golden Globes. Life is a bit bumpier in his private life. According to National Enquirer, Jim’s fiancé Todd Spiewak called off their wedding because Jim doesn’t want kids.
生活大爆炸中的“谢耳朵”Jim Parsons在赢得艾美奖之后,本打算和相处已久的男友Todd Spiewak结婚,但是最近进展中的婚礼被暂停了,因为Jim不想要孩子,可是Todd很喜欢小孩。

“Jim and Todd have been together for quite a while, but never really talked kids. Todd always assumed that Jim wanted to have a family,” stated a friend of the couple.

“Jim recently made a joke about how he couldn’t handle being around children, and when Todd asked him about having kids together, Jim said ‘no way.’ Todd was heartbroken. They both love each other very much and are still living together, but their relationship is shaken up right now.”

However, in recent weeks Jim has started to reconsider his “no-kids” policy, says the friend.

“Jim loves Todd deeply and can’t imagine life without him, so he’s seriously rethinking his view on children. For now, everything is on hold.”