This Thursday marks the season finale of the freshman hit Suits (USA Network, 10/9c), and the cast of the legal drama tells TVLine to expect the unexpected.

“It’s amazing,” gushes Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna. Here are five more reasons Suits’ season-ending installment will hopefully live up to the high standards set by the legal drama’s maiden run.

Harvey Goes Soft | But only temporarily. “We get to see Harvey put to the test in a new way,” Rafferty reveals. “For the first time, he’s very vulnerable.” As Gabriel Macht himself explains, “We find out that Harvey put away an innocent young man years ago and is now trying to right the wrong and get him out of jail.” The reopening of that old case spans the full finale and impacts the entire team — including Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams) secret lover Jenny and his best pal Trevor.
哈维心软了  12年前,因为哈维的控告一名年仅18岁的男孩获罪入狱。但现在哈维发现他错了— 那名男孩其实是无辜的,他想将男孩救出监狱。然而,这件案子的重新提出将影响到迈克的生活,包括他的爱情和友情。

Donna Faces Off With the Boss | Legal eagle Harvey and his trusty assistant are at odds for a brief and intense moment.
唐娜面临着被解雇的危机  在最后一集里,哈维和他最信任的助手发生了争执。

Someone Gets an Ass-Whoopin’ | Without revealing who, what, where, when, why, or how, we can confirm that one of Suits‘ leading men will take a fist to the face before the episode ends. No one is seriously injured, but a mark is left nonetheless.
有人被打了  不知道是谁,因为什么事情,发生在什么地方,什么时候,但我们可以确定的是有律师被打了。没有人伤得很严重,但是伤痕总是会留下的。

Lewis Makes a Move for Partner | Memo to Pearson Hardman employees: Demanding a promotion is completely counterproductive. Especially when it comes to Jessica. 
路易斯要求成为合伙人  路易斯提出升职的要求只会带来反作用,尤其是他要求杰西卡这么做时。

Cliffs Are Left Hanging | “There’s a cliffhanger and it’s amazing,” Rafferty teases. Having screened the episode, we can confirm that there is a shocking end that could quite possibly change the face of the series for Season 2.
结尾将留有悬念  拉弗提说,在第一季的结尾处会留下一个吊人胃口的悬念。也就是说这季将会有一个让人震惊的结局,也许它还会改变第二季的剧情走向。