When nominations for the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were revealed this morning, nobody was more surprised than the surprise drama actor nominee himself, Suits star Patrick J. Adams. "I feel so embarrassed to even admit it, but I had no idea that this was being announced today," Adams admitted to TV Guide Magazine hours after getting the news. "This was my first year of pretty much everything professionally, so something pretty wonderful has happened."

Viewers may recognize the 30-year-old Adams from small roles on Lost and Pretty Little Liars, but this summer he broke out as leading man Mike Ross in the popular USA Network legal drama. "This was really my first big gig, I even got fired from a show a little under a year before Suits," reveals Adams.

As for his Suits costars, Adams says all of them called immediately to share their congratulations. "Gabriel was the first one to reach out, with Rick Hoffman being the funniest," laughs Adams. "It was just a litany of curse words mixed with screams of joy — typical Rick Hoffman response to something he's very happy about." And as Suits prepares to shoot its second season, Adams recognizes the importance of today's nomination to the people on and off screen. "It gives us a little something to hang our hat on and encourage us to go further, dig deeper and keep taking risks as a show," he says. "It's a huge responsibility, and I think we're up for the challenge."


美国当地时间2011年12月14日,USA律政剧《金装律师》的男主帕特里克·J·亚当斯获得了第18届美国演员工会奖(Screen Actors Guild Awards,简称SAG Awards)最佳剧情男演员的提名。

在接受TV Guide杂志的采访时,亚当斯表示自己当时也很惊讶。他坦言道,在这一年里,在他的身上发生了很多不可思议的事情。在此之前,亚当斯出演过《迷失》和《美少女的谎言》但从未获得过如此多的青睐。