Sherlock Holmes returns this fall. Yes, again. For approximately the 317th time.

What will make the CBS version of this classic character stand out? Should you give him a chance? As we breakdown a number of new programs - such as Fox's The Mob Doctor and ABC's The Last Resort - we know turn our attention to Elementary...
CBS这一版的福尔摩斯相较于之前的作品,有什么样的特只能让它力压前作呢?在众多新剧的竞争下(比如FOX的Mob Doctor和ABC的The Last Resort等新剧),它会靠什么让观众们给它一次机会呢?

When It Airs: Thursday nights at 10 on CBS.

Who It Stars: Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn, Manny Perez.
主演:Jonny Lee Miller,Lucy Liu,Aidan Quinn,Manny Perez

What It's About: A recent rehab graduate, Sherlock Holmes takes to New York City to solve crimes while being looked after by his sober companion, Joan Watson.
故事梗概:Sherlock Holmes在成功解除药瘾后在医生朋友的陪伴下破戒重重罪案的故事。