CBS has finalized its deal with Warner Bros. Television for two more seasons of “The Big Bang Theory,” making the Eye’s tentpole comedy one of primetime’s long-running sitcoms, with at least 12 seasons.

The big hurdle was cleared last month when the five original members of the series ensemble struck new deals with the studio. The deal is envisioned as taking the show through its final two seasons, for a total of 48 more episodes.

The studio is said to still be in negotiations with “Big Bang” stars Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch. They have been pushing for salary parity with the original five, who are slated to earn about $900,000 per episode in the next two seasons.
此次同样也协定了《生活大爆炸》里另外两位主演Mayim Bialik和Melissa Rauch,她俩的薪酬与五位核心主演一致了。接下来这两季她们的薪酬是每集90万美元。