Dave Erickson, the Fear the Walking Dead showrunner who developed the series with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, will leave at the end of its upcoming Season 3 to develop new projects at AMC, the network announced Friday.
《行尸之惧》制片人Dave Erickson将会在即将开播的《行尸之惧》第三季播完之后离开剧组,他和《行尸走肉》制作人Robert Kirkman共同开发了《行尸之惧》这部衍生剧。他的离开是为了筹备AMC电视台的新剧。

"We're beyond grateful for Dave's amazing work on the first three seasons of Fear the Walking Dead," said Joel Stillerman, AMC and Sundance TV president of original programming. "With Dave as showrunner, the series fulfilled its creative promise to expand the Walking Dead universe in a way that was totally unique from the original series, and has gone on to become the No. 2 drama series in ad-supported cable, behind only The Walking Dead. We are also incredibly excited that Dave has chosen to stay in the AMC family to pursue his next passion project. We look forward to many more successful collaborations."
“我们非常感谢Dave为《行尸之惧》前三季做出的卓绝努力,”AMC和Sundance TV总裁兼原创节目总裁Joel Stillerman说。“在Dave的制作下,这部剧达到了当初承诺将会开启《行尸走肉》的新大陆的承诺,这部原创剧集现在已经是AMC继《行尸走肉》以外第二受欢迎的美剧了。”我们也很高兴Dave选择继续留在AMC大家庭,为大家制作下一个项目。我们期待和他能有更多成功的合作。