Fear the Walking Dead will live on: AMC has renewed the Walking Dead spinoff for a fourth season.

Along with the renewal, the show has announced a pair of new co-showrunners, who will replace the departing Dave Erickson after Season 3. Andrew Chambliss (Once Upon a Time) and Ian Goldberg (Dead of Summer) will take the reins in Season 4, and TWD showrunner Scott M. Gimple will also come on board as an executive producer on Fear.
和续订消息一同发布的,还有一则新制作人代替将会在第三季后离开本剧的Dave Erickson。Andrew Chambiliss和Ian Goldberg将会和《行尸走肉》制作人Scott M. Gimple共同担任第四季执行制作人。

Fear — starring Kim Dickens, Cliff Curtis and Frank Dillane as a band of survivors at the start of a global zombie outbreak — has seen significant audience erosion since debuting to more than 10 million viewers in August 2015. (The Season 2 finale only pulled in around 3 million viewers last October.) But AMC is still touting the spinoff as “one of the top shows on cable.” Season 3 debuts Sunday, June 4 at 9/8c.
《行尸之惧》由Kim Dickens、Cliff Curtis和Frank Dillane主演,讲述的是在一场全球性的丧尸爆发末日中的故事。本剧近两季收视大跌,2015年8月开播时的收视人数超过1000万。不过到目前为止这部衍生剧仍然是有线台收视成绩很好的一部剧。第三季将会在6月4日回归。