With the development of the education, Online course, a new teaching method based on computer and Internet, allows teachers to teach from a distance away. It is becoming more and more popular in colleges and universities, making an effective complement on traditional teaching.

There are different views concerning this topic .Generally speaking , teachers support it for two reasons. Firstly, online course can be conducted at home or office and this offers great convenience to teachers. Secondly, online courses releases teachers from repeating the same contents since the video or audio material can be played time again. However, many students prefer to traditional courses. First of all, with online course, they could not communicate with teachers face to face and their confusion cannot be solved instantly. On the other hand, the computer system cannot be guaranteed to work stably all the time. Besides, they do not have 100 percent confidence in their self-discipline without teachers being around to supervise.

In a word, with the college students growing up, if the traditional teaching method and the modern online courses can be combined together, more fruitful education is sure to be realized.





In recent years , Our economic made significant development. However , according to a recent survey ,the pollution has become a big challenge to all of us .The most direct feeling is that Haze is becoming more and more serious recently.

(Haze is air pollution in which is mixed up with dust, smoke and other dry particles , and it obscure the clarity of the sky and interacts with the natural environment. )(可要可不要)阴霾是空气污染和灰尘,烟雾和其他干燥粒子,它掩盖了清晰的天空,与自然环境进行作用。

The Haze in Beijing has been caused by many factors, in which the increase of cars in the city area plays an important role. The cars send off a lot of poisonous gases, which in turn adds to the already serious air pollution. What is worse, workers working in the open air have a high risk in their health.

To settle this problem, a series of measures should be taken as follows. First ,we should strengthen air monitor to lower the levels of small particulate pollutants .Second, we should enact more strict laws and regulations and keep perfecting our current law on environmental protection to regulate people 's daily action and the industrial production and punish those factories that ignore the protection and keep emitting dangerous material that cause haze. Third, we should develop green and energy-saving energy to lower the emission of haze and improve air quality.

As far as I am concerned , if we work together to be able to do such measures ,our environment will getting better and better and haze weather will vanish completely.



为了解决这个问题,应采取一系列措施如下。首先,我们应该加强空气监测微小颗粒污染物的水平较低。其次,我们应该制定更加严格的法律法规,不断完善我们目前的环境保护 法律规范人们的日常行为和工业生产和惩罚那些忽视保护和工厂继续排放危险材料,导致阴霾。第三,我们应该发展绿色和节能能源降低烟雾的排放,提高空气质量。



Nowadays, the number of single-child family is increasingly growing under the Family. There is no doubt that parents view the child as the apple of the their eye, get so much attention that there is a lack of independence in the life. While the parents are disappointment with their child, they must be aware that it is their too much love that make the children’s inability to comfront the difficulties from the life.

It is necessary for parents to provide love for their child in a right way. First,they are supposed not to pray for an easy life for their child. Children should be exposed to the real world, and with parents’ help they will make it clear that life is filled with ups and downs. Second, parents do as a leader to give children a right direction and other things are left to children. Last but not least, parents’ approval of right decision from children and encouragement to children when they fail is the strength of the growth for children. Sharing children’s success with them and helping them when necessary is more vital than too much love.

If parents can act as they realize the importance of helping their children as independent as much , they will find a real short- cut to a happy life for their children.

如今,独生子女家庭的数量日益增长的家庭政策下。毫无疑问,大多数家长都把孩子视为自己眼中 的珍宝,孩子们得到如此大的关注,以至于他们根本会缺少独立性。虽然父母对孩子失望,他们必须意识到这是他们太多的爱,使孩子们无法面对困难的生活。

父母为他们的孩子提供爱在一个正确的方法是有必要的。首先,他们应该不是为孩子祈祷一个简单的生活。孩子应该暴露在现实世界中,在父母的帮助下他们会明确,生活充满了起起落落。第二,作为一个,父母给孩子一个正确的方向和其他东西留给孩子。最后但并非最不重要,父母的批准,从孩子和鼓励孩子正确的决定当他们失败是儿童成长的力量。和他们分享孩子的成功, 在必要的时候帮助比他们比太多的爱更重要。