Living in an age of internet, young generations tend to acquire assorted information about the world totally via virtual envi-ronment. Convenient as it may seem, the reliability of online information sources can not be guaranteed. Under this circumstance, they might be deliberately misled, to a large extent, by some fake news stories.
To avoid youngsters'being misguided by those irresponsible mass media, we need to take several effective measures ur-gently. To begin with, authorities concerned should enhance their supervision of the information published on the internet. Moreover, parents should encourage their children to develop independent thinking and often discuss with them the issues on the internet to make sure they are growing in a healthy mind state. Last but not least, young people themselves should read more insightful books and learn to think more of the values and attitudes behind online stories.
  It's important that the young possess the capability of telling real news stories from fake ones. Only when they're equipped with the quality of recognizing false stories in an era of infor-mation explosion can they be closer to the genuineness of our modern world.




Living in an age when modern people have never attached more importance to entertainment,many teenagers are so keen on star chasing that they may imitate their idols' way of thinking and style of dressing. What's more,they may also spare no efforts to meet their idols in person, even at great ex-penses.

lt's not a big deal if young generations choose pop stars as their idols.The question is that some youngsters have already lost their mind when facing those idols.To avoid this, we need to take several effective measures urgently. On the one hand, guidance from adults should never be absent during the whole process of growth of young people, who should be educated to develop their own values and not be a shadow of any other people.On the other hand, pop stars or influentials should consciously act as positive role models and lead their followers to express affection in a more rational way.
Besides idolatry,l believe there must be much more meaningful spiritual power that can make youngsters rejuvenated and refreshed, such as the insight of great men in history or the wisdom of a certain imaginary character in great fiction.


Nowadays, the one-child policy has triggered a controversial issue as to Chinese parents overprotecting their children. Some believe that parents can never put too much emphasis on planning and preparing things for their children while others argue that this is extremely harmful for these youngsters. Such phenomenon can be attributed to the following factors.  
First and foremost, the strict one-child policy in the past three decades has brought the issue that couples cherish their only child and endeavor to prepare thoroughly for them. Planning everything and making every decision in advance, these parents fear that their children might make mistakes or get hurt. What’s more, youngsters are likely to depend on their parents both mentally and financially. I am a case in point. It is not exaggerated to say that parents are the persons I trust in most. 
As far as I am concerned, parents should be aware that overprotecting will only do harm to their children. In addition, youngsters should think independently and rely on their own when it comes to making decisions. Moreover, society should help spread the dangers of indulging children. Only by doing so can we make family education in a balanced way.

From my perspective, it is crucial that our society should encourage parents to be aware of this negative impact of overprotecting children and encourage youngsters to make plans and decisions independently. Only by doing so can we make family education in a balanced way.



1. D) He was fighting a throat infection.
2.  C) He slipped on ice and fell.
3.  B) Call the repair shop to fix it.
4.  C) Offer David some refreshments.
5.  D) She is a historian of military history.
6.  D) It is a war novel set in the future.
7.  B) She conducted surveys of many soldiers.
8.  A) She desn't have much freedom for imagination.
9.  D) A glass bottle.
10.  C) To combat counterfeits.
11. B) It appears in the shape of a cocoa seed.
12.  C) It improves their mood considerably
13.  A) Social anxiety.
14.  B) Human brains tend to dwell on negative events.
15.  A) Contagious.
16.  C) It is mainly based on agriculture.
17.  D) Sugar.
18.  B) They live a poor life.
19.  B) They will end up lonely, dependent and dissatisfied.
20.  D) Failure to spend sufficient quality time with them.
21.  B) It will help them to handle disappointment.
22.  C) Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.
23.  A) Complaining about their previous job.
24.  C) Those who take initiative in their work.
25.  A) Ability to shoulder new responsibilities.


1. A) It has given rise to much controversy.
2. B) She tries to force people to accept her radical ideas.
3. D) They are modest. 
4. A) It would help to protect the environment.
5. D) What makes people successful.
6. A)Having someone who has confidence in them.
7. C)They stay positive.
8. D) Highly cooperative teammates.
9. C) They have big eyes and distinctive visual centers.
10. B) By means of echo location.
11. B) To adapt themselves to a particular lifestyle.
12. C) They become more emotionally aggressive. 
13. D) They lack the cognitive and memory skills.
14. B) Help their children understand the program's plot.
15. A) Explain its message to their children.
16. C) They believe a little dirt harms no one.
17. D) A large number of bacteria collected on a single shoe.
18. A) The chemicals on shoes can deteriorate air quality.
19. D) It is a violation of faith and trust.
20. C) Accept them as normal.
21. A) Try to understand what messages they convey.
22. A) Cultivation of new varieties of crops.
23. D) The improvement of agricultural infrastructure.
24. C) For turning their focus to the needs of farmers in poorer countries.
25. B) Substantial funding in agricultural research.



延安位于陕西省北部,地处黄河中游,是中国革命的圣地。毛 泽 东等老一辈革命家曾在这里生活战斗了十三年,领导了抗日战争和解放战争,培育了延安精神,为中国革命做出了巨大贡献。延安的革命旧址全国数量最大、分布最广、级别最高。延安是全国爱国主义、革命传统和延安精神教育基地。延安有9个革命纪念馆,珍藏着中共中央和老一辈革命家在延安时期留存下来的大量重要物品,因此享有“中国革命博物馆城”的美誉。
Yan'an, located in the north of Shaanxi Province and in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, is the holy land of the Chinese revolution. Mao Zedong and other revolutionaries of the older generation had lived and fought here for 13 years, leading the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation, cultivating the Yan'an Spirit, and making great contributions to the Chinese revolution. Yan'an has the largest number, the widest distribution and the highest level of the revolutionary sites in China, and is a national education base for patriotism, the revolutionary tradition and the Yan'an Spirit. There are nine revolutionary memorial halls in Yan'an, in which a large number of important items left by the CPC Central Committee and the older generation of revolutionaries in Yan'an period are enshrined. Therefore, it enjoys the reputation of "the City of Chinese Revolution Museums".


井冈山地处湖南江西两省交界处,因其辉煌的革命历史被誉为“中国革命红色摇篮”。1927年10月,毛 泽 东、朱德等老一辈革命家率领中国工农红军来到这里,开展了艰苦卓绝的斗争创建了第一个农村革命根据地,点燃了中国革命的星星之火,开辟了 “农村包围 (besiege)城市,武装夺取政权〞这一具有中国特色的革命道路,中国革命从这里迈向胜利。井冈山现有100 多处革命旧址,成为一个“没有围墙的革命历史博物馆’,是爱国主义和革命传统教育的重要基地。

Jinggangshan, located at the boundary between Hunan and Jiangxi Province, is well known as "the birth place of Chinese revolution”, due to its glorious revolutionary history. In October, 1927, the old revolutionists including Mao Zedong and Zhu De, led the Chinese labor workers and peasant army here to launch the arduous struggle. It was also in Jinggangshan that they fought to establish the first rural revolution base, ignite the sparks of Chinese revolution, and paved a revolutionary way with Chinese characteristics to ''besiege the cities with the countryside and seize the central power with military force." It is right from here that the Chinese revolution has marched towards its eventual success. With over 100 revolutionary sites, Jinggangshan itself has become a museum of the Chinese revolutionary history and an important base for patriotism and education of traditions stemmed from the revolution.



The site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is located at No. 76 Xingye Road in Shanghai, a typical Shanghai-style house built in the autumn of 1920. On July 23, 1921, the First National Congress of the CPC was held here, which adopted its first guiding principle and the first resolution, elected the central leadership, and announced the birth of the CPC. In September 1952, the site of the First National Congress of CPC was restored, and a memorial hall was established and opened to the public. In addition to introducing the delegates who participated in the Congress, the memorial hall also introduces the historical development of the Party, and has become a patriotic education base for us to understand the history of the Party and remember the revolutionary martyrs.



According to psychologist Sharon Draper ,our clothing choices...
  27.D) current
  28O) wardrobe
  29.A) accessories
  30.D) current
  31.E) engaging
  32.G) frame
  33.J) positively
  34.M) reluctant

If you think life is wonderful and expect it to stay…



第一套:Do music lessons really make children smarter ?

  36.[A] A recent analysis found that most research mischar-acterizes the relationship between music and skills enhance -ment....

  37.[N] Did he have a hidden talent that others didn't have?Or more endurance than his peers ?Music researchers tend,like Schellenberg ,to be musicians themselves ,and ashe noted in his recent paper,…

  38.[c] Schellenberg had long been skeptical of the science supporting claims that music education enhances children's abstract reasoning, math, or language skills.……

  39.[G] After computing their assessments, Schellenberg concluded that the majority of the articles erroneously claimed that music training had a causal effect.……

  40.[O] But those convictions should be checked at the en-trance to the lab,he added.Otherwise,the work becomes re-ligion or faith."You have to let go of your faith if you want to be a scientist."

  41.[H] To argue for a cause-and-effect relationship, scien-tists must attempt to explain why and in how a connection could occur. When it comes to transfer effects of music……

  42.[D] The 2004 paper was specifically designed to address those concerns. And as a passionate musician, Schellenberg was delighted when he tuned up credible evidence that music has transfer effects on general intelligence……..

  43.[J]Neuropsychologist Lutz Jancke agrees."Most of these studies don't allow for causal inferences, "he said.For over two decades, Jancke has researched the effects of music lessons,..

  44.[F]For his recent study, Schellenberg asked two research assistants to look for correlational studies on the effects of music education.They found a total of 11 4 papers pub-lished since 2000.

  45.[I] But Schellenberg remains highly oritical of how the concept of plasticity has been applied in his field,"Plasticity has become an industry of its own "he-wrote in his May paper......


36.(D)In Atomic Habits, I wrote, "Humans are herd animals. We want to fit in, to bond with others,and to earn the respect and approval of our peers....

37. (G)False beliefs can be useful in a social sense even if they are not useful in a fnctual sense.For lack of a better phrase, we might call this approach"factually false, but socially accu-rate."…..

38.(M)The most heated arguments often occur between people on opposite ends of the spectrum,but the most frequent learning occurs from people who are nearby……

39.(F)We don't always believe things because they are cor-rect. Sometimes we believe things because they make us look good to the people we care about…

40.(N) Any idea that is suffciently different from your current worldview will feel threatening. And the best place to ponder a threatening idea is in a non-threatening environment…

41.(E)Understanding the truth of a situation is important, but so is remaining part of a tribe. While these two desires often work well together, they occasionally come into conflict……

42.(I)The way to change people's minds is to become friends with them, to integrate them into your tribe, to bring them into your circle...

43.(C) What's going on here? why don't facts change our minds? And why would someone continue to believe a false or inaccurate idea anyway?..…….

44.(O) There is another reason bad ideas continue to live on, which is that people continue to talk about them. Silence is death for any idea……….

45.(H) Convincing someone to change their mind is really the process of convincing them to change their tribe…

第三套:No one in fashion is surprised that Barberry burnt 28 million of stock

  36.[G]Over- production is perhaps the biggest concern forBurberry . While there has been much outrage at the elitist思connotation of burning goods rather than making them afIpfordable....

  37.[B] The practice of destroying unsold stock , and even rolls of unused fabric ,is commonplace for luxury labels .Becoming too widely available at a cheaper price through discount stores discourages full -price sales...

  38.[K] While these are honorable schemes ,it makes it harder for Burberry to defend these latest figures . Fifteen years ago,Burberry was at criis point as their signature check pattern was widely imitated by cheap ,imitation brands ..

  39.[E]In an online forum post ,which asked if it's true that Louis Vuitton burned its bags,Ahmed Bouchfaa,who claimed to work for Louis Vuitton , responded that the brand holds sales of old stock for staff members twice ayear....

  40.[L]Bina believes that brands need to re address their exclusivitytactic.“Exclusivity elf is being to be challenged ,"she says."I think that goes hand in hand with how luxury its challenged ....

  41.[D] A source ,who chose to remain anonymous , shared her experience working in a Burberty store in New York inC October 2016.“My job was to toss items in boxes so they could besent to be burned.

  42.[F] Richemont ,who owns several luxury brands ,hit the headlines in May for taking back 437 million of watchesfor destruction in the last two years to avoid markeddown price It's not just luxury brands either . .

  43.[J] One such partnership is with Elvis&Kresse,anaccessories brand working with Reclaimed materials .Co- founder KresseWesling said,“Late last year we launched an Ambitious five - year partner ship with the Burberry Found ation.

  44.[A] Last week ,Burberry's annualreport revealed that 28.6 million worth of stock was burnt last year . The news has let investors and consumers outraged but comes as little surprise to those in the fashion industry .

  45.[H] In September 2016, Burberry switched to a" see now,buy now"catwalk show format. The move was a switch to leverage on the coverage of their fashion weeks how to make stock available immediately to consumers .


The trend toward rationality and enlightenment was endan-gered long before the advent of the World Wide Web.

46.A)It initiated a change from dominance of reason to su-premacy of pleasure.
47.D)It is conducive to critical thinking.
48.D) It has rendered their interactions more superficial.
49.c) It was viewed as a means to quest for knowledge.
50.B)They are constantly seeking approval from their audi-ence.

According to a recent study,a small but growing proportion of the workforce is affected to some degree by a sense of entitlement.

51.B)They feel they deserve more than they get.
52.B)They were spoiled when growing up.
53.D) Seek ways to sustain their motivation.
54.C)They convey their requirements in a straightforward way.
55.A)Those who can be counted on to fulfill commitments


The subject of automation and its role in our economy has taken hold in American public discourse.

46.D)Their fading employment opportunities.
47.B)The concerns about the effect of trade are exaggerated.
48.B)They feel increasingly vulnerable.
49. C)Its alleged positive effects are doubtful.
50.C) People's economic security.

Look at the people around you.Some are passive,others more aggressive.
51.A) They tend to overly rely on nationality.
52.A) They are useful in comparing cultural values across time and space.
53.B)An individual's financial status was often underestimated.
54.C)They may not be taught how to properly interact with overseas partners.
55. D)Nationality is less useful than socio-economic status as an indicator of one'


Have you ever wondered how acceptable it is to hug or touch someone ?

  46.C)Its absence might suggest a lack of warmth in interpersonal relationships .
  47.D)How close the communicator‘s relationships are .
  48.B) They take touching as a cultural norm in social interactions.
  49.A)Men can show friendship in public through physical affection.
  50.D)Take other people's preference into consideration .

From climate change to the ongoing pandemic (大流行病) and beyond ,the issues facing today's world are increasingly complex and dynamic .

  51.A)It faces problems that are getting more varied and compli-cated.
  52.C) People are divided about the nature of interest .
  53.D)How a growth mindset of interest can contribute to cross-disciplinary thinking
  54.C) Making innovative products needs multidisciplinary products.
  55.B) Broadening their interests .