Passage Translation C-E:





Smoking does great harm to human and its gravity should not be underestimated. Smoking pollutes air, damages health, and increases the incidence of lung cancer. To arouse the awareness about the prevalence of tobacco in all the countries and to prevent smoking-induced diseases and deaths, the WHO (World Health Organization) has defined May 31st in every year as World No-Tobacco Day.

The tobacco addicts say that smoking is impossible to quit because they could do without meals in a day but would feel tortured without tobacco in two hours. However, when one realizes that smoking is harmful in many ways but beneficial in no way and that it is a curse to others as well as to he himself, he will be determined to resist the temptation of tobacco. To quit smoking requires persistence and so long as one persists, he’ll be rewarded.


这篇文章的主题是大家都很熟悉的“戒烟”。开篇的一些比较文言化的词如“之”,“矣”,以及后面的习语“有百害而无一利”,“于人于己”等完全是“纸老 虎”,大家根本不用害怕,只要将句子的大意弄懂,然后用白话文译出即可化解难题。另外如“世界卫生组织”这样的专有名词,切记不要译错,这种平时常见而考 试常考的高频词,必须牢记。