station 车站 at Victoria Station
stationary 固定的,静止的,非流动的 ~ troops
statistics 统计,统计资料 The recent ~ on marriage are interesting
steer 掌舵,驾驶 ~ a car through the entrance
stern 严厉的,苛刻的 a ~ punishment
stick 棍,棒,手杖 Grandfather walks with a ~
stimulate 刺激,促使 ~ economic growth
sting刺,螫,叮 A bee stung him on the neck
stir 使微动,移动 A breeze ~red my hair
stitch 一针,针脚 Make your ~es closer together
stock 原料,备料,库存,现货 Rags are used as a ~ for making paper
stoop 俯身,弯腰She ~ed to pick up her fan
storm 风暴,暴风雨,暴风雪 A ~ arose
straightforward 一直向前的,直接的 a ~ business transaction
strain 拉紧,绷紧 If you ~ the elastic any more, it will break
strap 带,皮带 silks ~s
stream 小河,溪流 on the banks of a ~
strength 力量,力气,活力,效力 the economic ~ of a nation
stress压力,紧张 Not all of us can cope with the ~es of modern life
stretch 伸直,伸长 He yawned and ~ed himself
stride阔步前进,大踏步走He strode to the platform
strike 打击,撞 A stone struck me on the head
string 细绳,线,带 She took the parcel and started to undo the string
strip 剥去,除去 The wind stripped the tree of all its leaves
strive 努力,奋力,力求~ towards a goal
stroke 敲,打,鸣 drive in a nail with one ~ of the hammer
stubborn 顽固的,倔强的 The ~ boy refused to listen to his parents’advice
stuff 原料,材料,物品,东西 He has got all the ~ ready for building his new house
subject 题目,主题 the ~ for a debate
submerge 浸没,淹没,湮没 The stream overflowed and ~d the farmland
submit 屈服,服从,投降 ~ to foreign pressure
subordinate 下级的 In the army ,captains are ~ to majors
substance 物质,实质 the ~ of pre-school education
substitute 代替者,代替物 He is the doctor’s ~ during holidays times
subtle 微妙的,巧妙的 His whole attitude has undergone a ~ change
subtract 减,减去 Subtract 4 from 10 you get 6
succession 连续,一系列 a ~ of debates
suck 吸,A large mosquito was sucking blood from the back of her hand
sue 控告,起诉 ~ sb for slander
summary 总结,概要 This book has a ~ at the end of each chapter
superb 极好的,一流的,杰出的 ~ science and engineering
superficial 表面的 a ~resemblance
superfluous过多的,剩余的,多余的a ~remark
supervise 监督,管理,指导 ~ sb’s every move
supplement增补,补充 a ~ to wages
suppress压制,镇压 ~human rights
supreme最高的,至上的 a ~ ruler
surpass超过,优于,强于,胜过 ~ advanced world
surplus过剩,剩余 a teacher ~
survey调查~ population growth in the southern provinces
survive 幸存,幸免于Only two people ~d the fire
suspect 怀疑 He ~ed a plot against his life
sustain支撑,承受The fountains were not strong enough to ~ the weight of the house
swallow 吞,咽 ~ one’s food
swarm 蜂群
sway摇摆 a tree ~ing gently in the breeze
swear宣誓,发誓 ~ on a Bible to observe secrecy
swell 膨胀,鼓起 A tire ~s as it is filled with air
swing 摇摆,摇荡 ~ a baby in the cradle
sympathy 同情心,慰问 a man of wide sympathies
synchronize使同步,使结合,使协调 Their steps ~d
taboo 禁忌,忌讳Movies producers attempted to break down all the ~s
tackle 用具,装备 shaving ~
tailor 裁缝 go to the ~’s
talk 讲话,谈话 Is your baby talking yet?
tame 驯化的,驯服的,温顺的 ~animails
tan棕黄色,黄褐色 buy some shoes in tan
tax 税(款)Half of his wages go in tax
tear 撕开,撕裂tear open an envelope
tease 戏弄,取笑 The boy is teasing the cat
tedious 单调乏味的,冗长的,罗嗦的a ~ debate
temper 心情,脾气 be in a good~
tempt 引诱,诱惑 Nothing could ~ me to do such a thing
tend 趋向,倾向 Interest rates are ~ing upwards
tender 嫩的 a ~ piece of meat
tentative 试验性的,试探性的,暂时的,推测的 a ~plan
term 学期 the spring ~
terminate 停止,结束,使终止 ~ a contract
terrify 使害怕,使惊吓 She was terrified out of her wits
testify 作证,证明 He agreed to ~ on behalf of the accused man
thermal 热的,由热造成的 ~burns
thirst 渴,口渴 The heat creates a ~ in me like I’ve never had before
thread 线,线状物 cotton ~
thrill 使非常兴奋,使非常激动 It’s a sight that never fails to ~ me
thrive 兴旺发达,繁荣 His business is thriving
thrust 推,刺,戳,插,挤He was ~ into power
tick (钟声等发出的)滴答声
tidy 整洁的,整齐的a ~ room
tilt 使倾斜,使倾倒 Tilt your head back so that I can look down your throat
time 时间,时刻,时候 ~ and space
tip 末端,尖端 the tips of the fingers
toast 烤面包,吐司 two slices of ~
token 表示,标志,象征He did that as a ~ of good faith
torture 拷打,拷问 ~ a confession from a prisoner
toss 扔,抛,掷 The children tossed the ball to each other
tough 坚韧的,牢固的 Some plastic are as ~ as metal
tow 拖,拉,牵引 tow a damaged ship into port
tower 塔,塔楼,高楼 a television ~
trace 痕迹,踪迹 The wound healed, leaving almost no ~ of a scar
track足迹,踪迹~s in the snow
tragedy 悲剧 Hamlet is one of shakespeare’s best known tragedies
trail 痕迹,足迹 a ~ of destruction left by the violence
tramp 步行,跋涉 He loves ~ing over the hills
transfer 转移,调动 the company has transferred to an eastern location
transform 变形,改观 ~ a hotel into a hospital
transient 短暂的,转瞬即逝的 ~ happiness
transmit 播送,发射 ~ a match live
transparent 透明的 Glass is ~
transplant 移植,移种,移居 ~ a human heart into a patient
treasure 财宝,财富 dig for buried ~
trend 倾向,趋势an upward ~ of prices
trick 诡计,骗局 He got the money by a ~
trifle 琐事,小事 One should not get angry about such a ~
trim 整齐的,整洁的 ~ lawns
trip 旅行,旅游 a ~ round the world
triple 三倍的,三重的,三部分的,三方的Black unemployment rate runs ~ the figure for whites
triumph 胜利 a ~ over the enemy
trivial 琐碎的,不重要的,无价值的 ~ matters
tuck 夹入,藏入 He ~ed the letter in a book so he wouldn’t lose it
tug (用力)拖或拉He tugged the door but it wouldn’t open
tumble 跌到,滚下The baby is just learning to walk and he’s always tumbling over
tune 曲调,曲子 She wrote the words of the song and her brother wrote the ~
turbulent 骚乱的,动荡的,混乱的,狂暴的a ~ crowd
turn 转动,旋转Turn the hands of the clock until they point to 9 O’clock
tutor 家庭教师,指导教师 When the students are making their choices, their ~ may well guide them
twinkle 闪烁,闪耀,闪亮 The diamond on her finger ~d in the firelight
twist 捻,搓,绞,拧 ~ a rope out of threads
ultimate 最后的,最终的 The war ended for us in ~ victory
unanimous 全体一致的,一致同意的 They are ~ in asking for a rise in pay
uncover 揭开,揭露 ~ a dish of food
underestimate 低估 ~ the difficulties of the task
undergo 经历,遭受,忍受 ~ much suffering
underline 在……下划线,强调 Please translate the ~d sentences in the passage
underlie 位于……之下 Many facts ~ my decision
undermine 在……下挖; 暗中破坏 ~ a wall
undertake 着手做, 从事 ~ an attack
undesirable 不合意的,不受欢迎的 The drug has ~ side effects
uneasy 心神不宁的,不安宁的 be ~uneasy about the future
unfold 展开,打开 ~ a newspaper
uniform 不变的,相同的,均匀,统一的 a ~ temperature
unify 使成一体,统一 become a unified nation
update 更新,使现代化 ~a textbook
upgrade 提高,使升级,改善 ~ products and services
uphold 举起,高举 He upheld his clenched hand
upright 挺直的,垂直的 an ~ seat
uproar 骚乱,骚动The public ~ over unclear-radiation hazards continues to mount
upset 弄翻,打翻 I’ve ~ a tin of paint on the carpet
up-to-date 时新的,新式的,现代化的They are ~ on recent developments in the world computer industry
urge 推进,鼓励 The president ,~d on by his staff, has decided to attend the talks
urgent 紧迫的,紧要的 He left the country on ~ business
utilize 利用 ~ solar energy
utter 发出(声音等),说,吐露 ~ the truth
vacant 未被占用的 a ~ seat in a bus
vague 含糊的,不明确的,模糊的 a ~ answer
vain 徒劳的,无效的 ~ efforts
valid 有根据的 a ~ excuse
value 价值 I was offered 50 pounds for my old car but its ~ is much higher
vanish 突然消失,逐渐消散 With a wave of his hand, the magician made the rabbit
veil 面纱,面罩 Jewish women wore ~s in token of reverence and submission
ventilate 使通风,使空气流通 ~ a room
venture 冒险,冒险行动,投机行动take a ~ in oil
verge 边,边缘,边沿 the ~ of a stream
verify 证明,证实Subsequent events verified my suspicions
versatile 多才多艺的 a ~ man
versus 诉讼,竞赛等中以……为对手 The match tonight is China ~ Japan
vertical 垂直的,立式的 a ~ engine
veto 否决,否决权,否决权的行使 The rest of the committee could not accept the ~
vibrate 使震动,使摆动 His heavy footsteps upstairs made the old house ~
vicious 邪恶的,恶毒的,凶残的 lead a ~ life
vigor 体力,精力,活力 in the ~ of manhood
violate 违反,违背 ~ the traffic regulations
virtual 实际上的,事实上的 the ~ manager of the business
virtue 美德,德行 Among her many ~s are loyalty ,courage, and truthfulness
visible 看得见的,可见的 a ship barely ~ on the horizon
vision 视力,视觉 ~ care
vital 有生命力的 The heart is a ~ organ
vivid 鲜艳的 the ~ green of leaves in spring
void 空的 a ~ space
volunteer 志愿者,自愿参加者 Are there any ~s for a swim?
vote 投票,表决 bring sth to a vote
wage 工资,报酬 What is your weekly ~?
wake 醒来,醒着,唤醒 He spends all his waking hours working
waken 醒来,睡醒He wakened when the alarm sounded
wander 漫步,徘徊 He ~ed home
ward 病房 a 4-bed ~
warrant 授权,批准,正当理由,根据 He had no ~ for his action
waterproof 不透水的,防水的 ~ material
way 方法,方式 Do it your own way
wear 穿,戴 ~ diamonds
weary 疲倦的,疲劳的 a ~ look
weave 织,编,编制 ~ cloth
wedge 楔子,三角木 Please put a ~ in the door so that it will stay open
weed 杂草,野草My garden is running to ~s
weep 哭泣,流泪 ~ for one’s failure
weigh 称……重量,称~ oneself on the scales
weld 焊接,煅接 It takes speed to ~ steel at this heat
whirl 旋转,急转 The couples ~ed round the dance floor
whisper 低语,耳语,轻声说 ~ to sb
whistle 吹口哨,鸣笛 The train ~d
whitewash 粉饰
wholesome 有益于健康的 ~ surroundings
wicked 坏的,邪恶的,淘气的,恶作剧的 ~ habits
wind 绕,缠The snake wound around a branch
wire 金属丝,金属线steel ~
withdraw 抽回,收回,提取 She withdrew her eyes from the terrible sight
withhold 使停止,阻挡 be obliged to ~ one’s pen
withstand 经受,承受 ~hardships
witness 目击者,见证人a ~ of the accident
wonder 奇迹 the Seven Wonders of the World in ancient times
worship 崇拜,崇敬 the ~ of the dollar
worth 值……钱a house ~ 50,000 pounds
wrap 包,裹 ~ oneself in a blanket
wreck 失事,遇难 a train ~
wrench 扳手 He is a ~ .
wrinkle 皱,皱纹 He will wore the ~s of anxiety on his forehead.
write 写,写字,写信,写作 She ~s to me every other week.
Xerox 静电复印(法),静电复印件,静电复印机 Make me a ~ of this report.
yield 生产,产生,带来 This orchard ~s apples and pears.
zeal 热心,热忱,热情 a man of ~
zigzag之字形的,弯曲的 a ~ road
zone 地带,分布带 a dangerous ~
abdomen n. 腹, 腹部
abound vi. 多, 大量存在, 富于, 充满
acclaim n. 喝彩, 欢呼 v. 欢呼, 称赞
accord n. 一致, 符合, 调和, 协定 vt. 一致, 给与 vi. 符合
accountant n. 会计(员), 会计师
addict vt. 使沉溺, 使上瘾 n. 入迷的人, 有瘾的人
adore v. 崇拜, 爱慕, (口语)喜爱
advent n. (尤指不寻常的人或事)出现, 到来
adverse adj. 不利的, 敌对的, 相反的
affluent adj. 丰富的, 富裕的
air-conditioning n. 空调,空调系统空调机
airport n. <主美>小型民用机场, 私人飞机降落场
aisle n. 走廊, 过道
album n. 集邮本, 照相簿, 签名纪念册
amiable adj. 亲切的, 和蔼可亲的
amid prep.在...中
anecdote n. 轶事, 奇闻
anguish n. 痛苦, 苦恼 vt. 使极苦闷, 使极痛苦 vi. 感到痛苦
antique n. 古物, 古董 adj. 古时的, 过时的
appal v. 惊骇
approximate adj. 近似的, 大约的 v. 近似, 接近, 接近, 约计
arrogant adj. 傲慢的, 自大的
artery n. 动脉, 要道
aspire vi. 热望, 立志
assassinate vt. 暗杀, 行刺
asset n. 资产, 有用的东西
auction n. 拍卖 vt. 拍卖
audio adj. 音频的, 声频的, 声音的
audit n. 审计, 稽核, 查帐 vt. 稽核, 旁听 vi. 查账
auditorium n. 听众席, 观众席, <美>会堂, 礼堂
authentic adj. 可信的
autonomy n. 自治
awe n. 敬畏 vt. 敬畏
bait n. 饵, 诱惑物 vt. 以饵引诱(动物), 把饵装上, 欺负, 折磨 vi. 中途休息
balcony n. 阳台, 包厢, (戏院)楼厅
barren adj. 不生育的, 不孕的, 贫瘠的, 没有结果的, 无益的, 单调的, 无聊的, 空洞的 n. 荒地
beginning n. 开始
belly n. 腹部, 胃 vi. 涨满
benign adj. (病)良性的, (气候)良好的, 仁慈的, 和蔼的
bibliography n. (有关一个题目或一个人的)书目, 参考书目
bin n. 箱柜 二进制文件的扩展名
bizarre adj. 奇异的(指态度,容貌,款式等)
blackmail n. 勒索, 勒索所得之款 vt. 勒索
blouse n. 宽松的上衣, 似衬衫的上衣
blueprint n. 蓝图, 设计图, 计划 vt. 制成蓝图, 计划
blur v. 涂污, 污损(名誉等), 把(界线,视线等)弄得模糊不清, 弄污 n. 污点
boost v. 推进
bowel n. 肠 adj. 内部, 同情心
breach n. 违背, 破坏, 破裂, 裂口 vt. 打破, 突破
briefcase n. (扁平的, 柔韧的, 装文件, 书报的)公文包
browse v. n. 浏览, 吃草, 放牧
bruise n. 瘀伤, 擦伤 v. 打伤, 撞伤
bully n. 欺凌弱小者 vt. 威吓, 威逼
bureaucracy n. 官僚, 官僚作风, 官僚机构
burglar n. 夜贼
cab一种压缩文件格式 n. 出租马车, 出租汽车, 计程车, (机车, 卡车, 起重机的)司机室, 驾驶室 vi. 乘出租马车
calcium n. 钙(元素符号Ca)
calorie n. 卡路里
cape n. 海角, 岬
carbohydrate n. 碳水化合物, 醣类
cardinal n. 枢机主教, 红衣主教 adj. 主要的, 最重要的
caress n. 爱抚, 接吻 vt. 抚爱
catastrophe n. 大灾难, 大祸
cater vi. 备办食物, 满足(需要), 投合
celebrity n. 名声, 名人
cemetery n. 墓地, 公墓
champagne n. 香槟酒, 香槟色
chancellor n. 长官, 大臣
chap n. <俗>伙伴, 家伙, 小伙子, 颚, 颊 v. (使)皲裂
Christ n. 救世主(特指耶稣基督)
clergy n. (集合称)圣职者, 牧师, 僧侣, 神职人员
click v. 发出滴答声 n. 滴答声
closet n. 壁橱, 储藏室, 厕所 adj. 关起门来的 vt. 关入私室密谈
coalition n. 合并, 接合, 联合
cocaine n. 古柯碱,可卡因
cohesive adj. 粘着的
composure n. 镇静, 沉着
concede vt. 勉强, 承认, 退让 vi. 让步
consecutive adj. 连续的, 联贯的
console vt. 安慰, 藉慰 n. 控制台
conspiracy n. 共谋, 阴谋
constrain vt. 强迫, 抑制, 拘束
construction n. 建筑, 建筑物, 解释, 造句
contaminate v. 污染
contemplate v. 凝视, 沉思, 预期, 企图
contradiction n. 反驳, 矛盾
controversy n. 论争, 辩论, 论战
cop n. 警官, 巡警, 管纱 vt. 抓住
copyright n. 版权, 著作权
correlate vt. 使相互关联 vi. 和...相关
costume n. 装束, 服装
cosy adj. 舒适的, 安逸的
coupon n. 息票, 商家的优待券
courtyard n. 庭院, 院子
credential n. 外交使节所递的国书, 信任壮
curb n. 路边
cyberspace n. 电脑空间
damn v. database n. 数据库, 资料库
daytime n. 白天, 日间
dean n. (大学)院长, 主持牧师, (基督教)教长
deduct vt. 扣除, 演绎
delegate n. 代表 vt. 委派...为代表
delete vt. 删除
denounce vt. 公开指责, 公然抨击, 谴责
dental adj. 牙齿的
dentist n. 牙科医生
dilute v. 冲淡, 变淡, 变弱, 稀释 adj. 淡的, 弱的, 稀释的
discourse n. 演讲, 论述, 论文, 讲道, 谈话, 谈论 vi. 谈论, 演说
discreet adj. 小心的, 慎重的, 有思虑的, 贤明的
discrepancy n. 相差, 差异, 矛盾
disposition n. 部署
disrupt v. 使中断, 使分裂, 使瓦解, 使陷于混乱, 破坏
dissipate v. 驱散, (使)(云、雾、疑虑等)消散, 浪费(金钱或时间)
distill vt. 蒸馏, 提取 vi. 滴下
divert v. 转移, 转向, 使高兴
dividend n. 被除数, 股息, 红利, 额外津贴, 奖金, 年息
divine adj. 神的, 神圣的, 非凡的, 超人的, 非常可爱的 n. 牧师
dwarf n. 矮子, 侏儒 v. (使)变矮小
ebb n. 退, 弱, 退潮, 衰落 vi. 潮退, 衰退
eccentric adj. 古怪 n. 行为古怪的人
edible adj. 可食用的
ego n. 自我, 利已主义, 自负
elapse vi. (时间)过去, 消逝 v. 流逝
elderly adj. 过了中年的, 稍老的
eligible adj. 符合条件的, 合格的
eminent adj. 显赫的, 杰出的, 有名的, 优良的
endow v. 捐赠, 赋予
entail vt. 使必需, 使蒙受, 使承担, 遗传给 n. 限定继承权
entity n. 实体
envisage v. 正视
escalate vi. 逐步升高, 逐步增强 vt. 使逐步上升
escort n. 护卫(队), 护送, 陪同(人员), 护卫队 v. 护卫, 护送, 陪同
esteem vt. 把...看作, 尊敬, 尊重, 认为 n. 尊敬, 尊重
ethnic adj. 人种的, 种族的, 异教徒的
evade v. 规避, 逃避, 躲避
excel v. 优秀, 胜过他人
excerpt n. vt. 摘录, 引用
exile n. 放逐, 充军, 流放, 流犯, 被放逐者 vt. 放逐, 流放, 使背井离乡
exotic adj. 异国情调的, 外来的, 奇异的
exquisite adj. 优美的, 高雅的, 精致的, 剧烈的, 异常的, 细腻的, 敏锐的
fabulous adj. 寓言中的, 寓言般的, 神话般的, 传统上的, 惊人的, 难以置信的
fairy n. 仙女, 精灵, <美俚>漂亮姑娘 adj. 仙女的
fake n. 假货, 欺骗 adj. 假的 vt. 伪造, 赝造, 捏造, 假造, 仿造 vi. 伪装
fantasy n. 幻想, 白日梦
feat n. 技艺, 功绩, 武艺, 壮举, 技艺表演 adj. 漂亮的, 合适的
federation n. 同盟, 联邦, 联合, 联盟
fisherman n. 渔民, 渔夫
fore adj. 在前部的, 以前的ad v. 在前面, 在船头 n. 前部, 船头prep.在前
format n. 开本, 版式, 形式, 格式 vt. 安排...的格局(或规格), 格式化(磁盘)
foul adj. 污秽的, 邪恶的, 肮脏的, 淤塞的, 恶劣的 vt. 弄脏, 妨害, 污蔑, 犯规, 淤塞 vi. 腐烂, 犯规, 缠结 n. 犯规, 缠绕ad v. 违反规则地, 不正当地
fraud n. 欺骗, 欺诈行为, 诡计, 骗子, 假货
fridge n. 电冰箱
fume n. (浓烈或难闻的)烟, 气体, 一阵愤怒(或不安) v. 用烟熏, 冒烟, 发怒
futile adj. 琐细的, 无用的, 无效果的, (人)没有出息的
garlic n. 大蒜, (Akkuyn sadtium), 蒜头
gender n. 性, <口>性别, 性, 性交
genetic adj. 遗传的, 起源的
giggle v. 哈哈地笑 n. 傻笑
goods n. 货物, <美俚>工具
gorgeous adj. 华丽的, 灿烂的
gown n. 长袍, 法衣, 礼服, 睡袍
graphic adj. 绘画似的, 图解的
grope v. n. 摸索
guideline n. 方针
guitar n. 吉他, 六弦琴 vi. 弹吉他
gut n. 内脏, (幽门到直肠间的)肠子, 勇气, 剧情, 内容, 肚子, 内脏, 海峡 vt. 取出内脏, 摧毁(房屋等的)内部装置
guy n. 家伙, 人
habitat n. (动植物的)生活环境, 产地、栖息地, 居留地, 自生地, 聚集处
harassment n. 折磨
harsh adj. 粗糙的, 荒芜的, 苛刻的, 刺耳的, 刺目的
heave v. 举起 n. 举起
herb n. 药草, 香草
hierarchy n. 层次层级
hike v. 远足, 飞起, 步行 n. 远足, 增加
hip n. 臀, 蔷薇果, 忧郁 adj. 熟悉内情的 vt. 使忧郁, 给(屋顶)造屋脊int.喝彩声
hop v. 单脚跳, (鸟, 蛙等)跳跃 n. 蛇麻草
hound n. 猎犬 vt. 带猎犬狩猎, 卑鄙的人, 追捕, 激励, 使追逐
housing n. 供给住宅, 住宅群, 机架, 住房供给
howl v. 嚎叫, 怒吼, 嚎啕大哭, 喝住, 号叫 n. 嚎叫, 怒号, 嚎哭
hum v. 嗡嗡叫, 哼 n. 嗡嗡声, 吵杂声
humiliate v. 羞辱, 使丢脸, 耻辱
hurl n. <俚>用力或猛烈的投掷 vt. 用力投掷, 愤慨地说出, 丢下, 推翻 vi. 猛投, 猛掷
hurricane n. 飓风, 狂风
idiot n. 白痴, 愚人, 傻瓜
ignorance n. 无知, 不知
illusion n. 幻想
impart vt. 给予(尤指抽象事物), 传授, 告知, 透露
incentive n. 动机 adj. 激励的
indulge v. 纵容
inference n. 推论
infrastructure n. 下部构造, 基础下部组织
inhale vt. 吸入 vi. 吸气
inhibit抑制, 约束, 抑制
installment n. 部分
instrumental adj. 仪器的, 器械的, 乐器的
intelligible adj. 可理解的
interface n. 分界面, 接触面, 界面
INTERNET=Interactive Network Analysis 交互式网络分析
intimidate v. 胁迫
intrigue n. 阴谋, 诡计 vi. 密谋, 私通 vt. 激起...的兴趣, 用诡计取得
intrinsic adj. (指价值、性质)固有的, 内在的, 本质的
intrude vi. 闯入, 侵入 vt. 强挤入, 把(自己的思想)强加于人
invariable n. 不变的, 永恒的 adj. 不变的, 不变量
inventory n. 详细目录, 存货, 财产清册, 总量
inverse adj. 倒转的, 反转的 n. 反面 v. 倒转
irony n. 反话, 讽刺, 讽刺之事
irrigate vt. 灌溉, 修水利, 冲洗伤口, 使潮湿 vi. 进行灌溉
isle n. 小岛, 岛 vt. 使成为岛屿 vi. 住在岛屿上
judicial adj. 司法的, 法院的, 公正的, 明断的
junk n. 垃圾, 舢板
kin n. 家属(集合称), 亲戚, 同族, 血缘关系, 家族 adj. 有亲属关系的, 性质类似的, 同类的
kit n. 成套工具, 用具包, 工具箱, 成套用具
lapse n. 失误, 下降, 流逝, 丧失, 过失 v. 失检, 背离, 堕入, 流逝, 失效, 下降
layoff n. 临时解雇, 操作停止, 活动停止期间, 失业期
lease n. 租借, 租约, 租赁物, 租期, 延续的一段时间 vt. 出租, 租出, 租得
legacy n. 遗赠(物), 遗产(祖先传下来)
legislation n. 立法, 法律的制定(或通过)
legitimate adj. 合法的, 合理的, 正统的 v. 合法
levy n. 征收, 征税, 征兵 v. 征收, 征集, 征用
linear adj. 线的, 直线的, 线性的
linguistic adj. 语言上的, 语言学上的
literacy n. 有文化,有教养,有读写能力
lofty adj. 高高的, 崇高的, 高傲的, 高级的
loom n. 织布机, 织机 v. 隐现, 迫近
lottery n. 抽彩给奖法
lure v. 引诱
magistrate n. 文职官员, 地方官员
maiden n. 少女, 处女 adj. 未婚的, 纯洁的, 处女的, 无经验的
majesty n. 最高权威, 王权, 雄伟
malignant adj. 恶性的
mammal n. 哺乳动物
manoeuvre n. 策略, 调动 v. 用策略, 调动, 演习, (敏捷地)操纵
marital adj. 婚姻的
masculine adj. 男性的, 男子气概的, 阳性的 n. 男子, 男孩
massacre n. 残杀, 大屠杀 v. 残杀, 集体屠杀
medieval adj. 中世纪的, 仿中世纪的, 老式的, <贬>原始的
meditate v. 想, 考虑, (尤指宗教上的)沉思, 冥想
meditation n. 沉思, 冥想
melody n. 悦耳的音调
memo n. 备忘录
menace n. 威胁, 危险物 v. 恐吓, 危及, 威胁
merely adv. 仅仅, 只, 不过
merge v. 合并, 并入, 结合, 吞没, 融合
metaphor n. 隐喻, 暗喻, 比喻说话
metropolitan adj. 首都的, 主要都市的, n. 大城市人
militant adj. 好战的, 积极从事或支持使用武力的
millionaire n. 百万富翁, 大富豪
missionary adj. 传教的, 传教士的 n. 传教士
mob n. (集合词)暴徒, 乌合之众, (盗贼等的)一群 v. 成群暴动, 聚众滋扰
module n. 模数, 模块, 登月舱, 指令舱
momentum n. 动力, 要素
monarch n. 君主
motivate v. 激发
mould n. 肥土, 壤土, 霉, 模具 v. 用土覆盖, 发霉, 铸造
mug n. 杯子
mute n. 哑巴, 哑音字母, 拒不答辩的被告, 弱音器 adj. 哑的, 无声的, 沉默的 vt. 减弱...的声音 vi. 排泄
napkin n. 餐巾, 餐巾纸, <英>尿布, <美>月经带
narrative adj. 叙述性的 n. 叙述
necklace n. 项链
nightmare n. 梦魇, 恶梦, 可怕的事物
nineteen num.十九
norm n. 标准, 规范
numerical adj. 数字的, 用数表示的
nurture n. 养育, 教育, 教养, 营养品 vt. 养育, 给与营养物, 教养
obsession n. 迷住, 困扰
obstruct v. 阻隔, 阻塞, 遮断(道路、通道等) n. 阻碍物, 障碍物
opt vi. 选择
optimum n. 最适宜 adj. 最适宜的
option n. 选项, 选择权, 买卖的特权
orientation n. 方向, 方位, 定位, 倾向性, 向东方
outing n. 外出, 旅行, 散步
outrage n. 暴行, 侮辱, 愤怒 vt. 凌辱, 引起...义愤, 强奸
oval adj. 卵形的, 椭圆的 n. 卵形, 椭圆形
overturn n. 倾覆, 破灭, 革命 vt. 推翻, 颠倒 vi. 翻倒 n. 翻转, 毁灭
oxide n. 氧化物
ozone n. 新鲜的空气, 臭氧
pact n. 合同, 公约, 协定
panorama n. 全景全景画,全景摄影
pants n. 裤子, 短裤
paperback n. 平装本, 纸面本
passerby n. 过路人, 行人
pathetic adj. 可怜的, 悲惨的
patrol v. 出巡, 巡逻 n. 巡逻
patron n. (对某人, 某种目标, 艺术等)赞助人, 资助人
peer n. 同等的人, 贵族 vi. 凝视, 窥视 vt. 与...同等, 封为贵族
permeate vt. 弥漫, 渗透, 透过, 充满 vi. 透入
persevere v. 坚持
pharmacy n. 药房, 药剂学, 配药业, 制药业, 一批备用药品
physiology n. 生理学
pilgrim n. 圣地朝拜者, 朝圣
plea n. 恳求, 请求, 辩解, 藉口
plight n. 情况, 状态, 困境, 盟誓(婚姻) vt. 保证, 约定
plumber n. 水管工人
poke n. 刺, 戳, 懒汉, 袋子 vt. 戳, 捅, 拨开, 刺 vi. 戳, 刺, 捅, 伸出, 刺探, 闲荡
polar adj. 两极的, 极地的, 南辕北辙的, 南极的, (北极星似的)指引的, 极性的, 北极的 n. 极线, 极面
ponder v. 沉思, 考虑
portray v. 描绘
poster n. 海报, 招贴, (布告, 标语, 海报等的)张贴者
posture n. (身体的)姿势, 体态, 状态, 情况, 心境, 态度 v. 令取某种姿势, 摆姿势, 作出姿态
practitioner n. 从业者, 开业者
precedent n. 先例
preclude n. 排除
predecessor n. 前辈, 前任, (被取代的)原有事物
pregnant adj. 怀孕的, 重要的, 富有意义的, 孕育的
premise n. 前提, (企业, 机构等使用的)房屋连地基 vt. 提论, 预述, 假定 vi. 作出前提
premium n. 额外费用, 奖金, 奖赏, 保险费, (货币兑现的)贴水
prestige n. 声望, 威望, 威信
prone adj. 倾向于
propaganda n. 宣传, 传道总会
propel vt. 推进, 驱使
prophet n. 先知, 预言者, 提倡者
prose n. 散文
prosecute vt. 实行, 从事, 告发, 起诉 vi. 告发, 起诉, 作检察官
prosper v. 成功, 兴隆, 昌盛, (指上帝)使成功, 使昌隆, 繁荣
prosperity n. 繁荣
prototype n. 原型
prudent adj. 谨慎的 
quest n. 寻求
questionnaire n. 调查表, 问卷
quota n. 配额, 限额
radiant adj. 发光的, 辐射的, 容光焕发的
rap n. 叩击, 轻拍, 轻敲, 斥责 vt. 敲, 拍, 打, 厉声说出, 斥责, 使着迷 vi. 敲击, 交谈abbr. Rocket Assisted Projectile, 火箭助推炮弹
rape n. 掠夺, 强奸, 葡萄渣, 油菜 vt. 掠夺, 强奸
rash adj. 轻率的, 匆忙的, 卤莽的 n. 皮疹
reassure vt. 使...安心, 再保证, 使...恢复信心, 打消...的疑虑
recede v. 后退
recipient adj. 容易接受的, 感受性强的 n. 容纳者, 容器
reckless adj. 不计后果的
rectangle n. 长方形, 矩形
recur vi. 复发, 重现, 再来
recycle v. 使再循环, 反复应用 n. 再循环, 再生, 重复利用
redundant adj. 多余的
refrain n. 重复, 叠句, 副歌 vi. 节制, 避免, 制止
refugee n. 难民, 流亡者
refund v. 退还, 偿还 n. 归还, 偿还额, 退款
relish n. 意味
remnant n. 残余, 剩余, 零料, 残迹 adj. 剩余的, 残留的
renaissance n. 复兴, 复活, 新生, 文艺复兴, 文艺复兴时期
repertoire n. (准备好演出的)节目, 保留剧目, (计算机的)指令表, 指令系统, <美>(某个人的)全部技能
repression n. 镇压, 抑制, 抑压
restore vt. 恢复, 使回复, 归还, 交还, 修复, 重建
retort v. 反驳, 反击, 回报 n. 曲颈甑, 曲颈瓶, 蒸器
retrieve v. 重新得到 n. 找回
retrospect n. 回顾
revelation n. 显示, 揭露, 被揭露的事, 新发现, 启示, 揭示
rigorous adj. 严格的, 严厉的, 严酷的, 严峻的
riot n. 暴乱, 骚动, (植物, 疾病等)蔓延, 放荡, 暴动 v. 骚乱, 放纵, 挥霍, 参加骚动
rip v. 撕, 剥, 劈, 锯, 裂开, 撕裂 n. 裂口, 裂缝
ritual n. 典礼, (宗教)仪式, 礼节 adj. 典礼的, (宗教)仪式的
robust adj. 精力充沛的
salvation n. 拯救, 救助
sanction n. 批准, 同意, 支持, 制裁, 认可 v. 批准, 同意, 支持, 鼓励, 认可
sane adj. 健全的
sarcastic adj. 讽刺的
saturate v. 使饱和, 浸透, 使充满
scandal n. 丑行,丑闻,诽谤,耻辱,流言蜚语
scramble n. 爬行, 攀缘, 抢夺, 混乱 vi. 攀缘, 杂乱蔓延, 争夺, 拼凑, 匆忙 vt. 攀登, 搅乱, 使混杂
script n. 手稿, 手迹, 剧本, 考生的笔试卷, 原本
scrutiny n. 详细审查
sculpture n. 雕刻, 雕刻品, 雕塑, 雕塑品, 刻蚀 v. 雕刻, 雕塑, 刻蚀
sector n. 部分, 部门, 扇区, 地区, 象限, 扇形 v. 使分成部分, 把...分成扇形
seemingly adv. 表面上地
segregate v. 隔离
selfish adj. 自私的
serial adj. 连续的
setback n. 顿挫, 挫折, 退步, 逆流, (疾病的)复发
shabby adj. 破旧的, 褴褛的, 低劣的, 卑鄙的, 不公平的
sham v. 佯装 n. 伪品 adj. 虚假的
shatter n. 粉碎, 碎片, 落花(叶,粒等) vt. 打碎, 使散开, 粉碎, 破坏 vi. 粉碎, 损坏, 落叶
shorthand n. 速记
shove n. <口>推, 挤 vt. <口>推挤, 猛推, 强使 vi. 推
shrug n. 耸肩 v. 耸肩
shuttle n. 往返汽车(列车、飞机), 航天飞机, 梭子, 穿梭 v. 穿梭往返
siege n. 包围, 围城, 长期努力, 不断袭击, 围攻 v. 包围, 围攻
sip v. 吸吮
skeptical adj. 怀疑性的,好怀疑的,<口>无神论的
skim v. 撇去
skull n. 头脑, 头骨
slam v. 砰地关上, 砰地放下, 猛力抨击, 冲击 n. 砰, 猛击, 撞击, 冲击
slaughter n. 屠宰, 残杀, 屠杀 v. 屠宰, 残杀, 屠杀
slogan n. 口? 标语Lslot n. 缝, 狭槽, 位置, 水沟, 细长的孔, 硬币投币口, 狭通道, 足迹 vt. 开槽于, 跟踪
slot n. 缝, 狭槽, 位置, 水沟, 细长的孔, 硬币投币口, 狭通道, 足迹 vt. 开槽于, 跟踪
sneeze n. 喷嚏 vi. 打喷嚏
sniff v. 用力吸, 嗅, 闻到, 发觉, 轻视, 用力吸气 n. 吸, 闻, 吸气声, 嗤之以鼻
soar v. 高飞, 高丛, 滑翔, 剧增, 昂扬 n. 高飞范围, 高涨程度
sociable adj. 好交际的, 友善的, 增进友谊的, 喜欢群居的
sofa n. 沙发
solidarity n. 团结
solitary adj. 孤独的
solo n. 独奏曲 adj. 单独的
sovereign n. 君主, 统治 adj. 至高无上的, 君主的, 独立自主的, 完全的
spacious adj. 广大的, 大规模的
specialist n. 专门医师, 专家
spectrum n. 光, 光谱, 型谱频谱
spicy adj. 加香料的, 出产香料的, 辛辣的, 有风味的
spine n. 脊骨, 书脊, 地面隆起地带, 中心, 剌
spiral adj. 螺旋形的 n. 螺旋 v. 盘旋
sponsor n. 发起人, 主办者, 保证人, 主办人 vt. 发起, 主办 v. 赞助
spouse n. 配偶(指夫或妻)
sprout v. 萌芽 n. 苗芽
stagger v. 摇晃, 蹒跚, 交错, 摇摇摆摆 adj. 交错的
stalk n. 茎, 柄, 梗, 秆
staple n. 钉书钉, 钉, 主要产品(或商品), 原材料, 主要成分, 来源 adj. 主要的, 常用的, 大宗生产的 v. 把...分类, 把...分级
statute n. 法令, 条例
steak n. (供煎, 烤等的)肉, 鱼, 肉片, 鱼片, 肉排, 牛排
stereotype n. 铅版, 陈腔滥调, 老套 vt. 使用铅版, 套用老套, 使一成不变
stiff adj. 硬的, 僵直的, 拘谨的, 呆板的, 艰难的, 费劲的, 僵硬的
strenuous adj. 奋发的, 使劲的, 紧张的, 热烈的, 艰辛发奋的
strife n. 斗争, 冲突, 竞争
stroll n. 漫步, 闲逛, 四处流浪 v. 闲逛, 漫步, 跋涉于
stun vt. 使晕倒, 使惊吓, 打晕 n. 晕眩, 打昏, 惊倒
subsidy n. 补助金, 津贴
suffice vi. 足够, 有能力 vt. 使满足
suite n. (一批)随员, (一套)家具, 套房, 套, 组, 组曲
summit n. 顶点, 最高阶层 adj. 政府首脑的 vi. 参加最高级会议的
superstition n. 迷信
surge n. 巨涌, 汹涌, 澎湃 vi. 汹涌, 澎湃, 振荡, 滑脱, 放松 vt. 使汹涌奔腾, 急放
susceptible adj. 易受影响的, 易感动的, 容许...的 n. (因缺乏免疫力而)易得病的人
tangle n. 混乱状态 v. 处于混乱状态
temperament n. 气质, 性情, 易激动, 急躁
texture n. (织品的)质地, (木材, 岩石等的)纹理, (皮肤)肌理, (文艺作品)结构
thigh n. 大腿, 股
thrift n. 节俭, 节约, 海石竹
toll n. 通行税(费), 费, 代价, 钟声 vt. 征收, 敲钟, 鸣(钟)(特指宣布死亡), 勾引, 引诱 vi. 征税, 鸣钟
torment n. 痛苦 v. 折磨
torture n. 折磨, 痛苦, 拷问, 拷打 vt. 拷问, 曲解, 折磨, 使弯曲
toxic adj. 有毒的, 中毒的
transcend vt. 超越, 胜过
trash n. 无价值之物, 无聊的作品, 垃圾, 废物
tribe n. 部落, 部族
trigger vt. 引发, 引起, 触发 n. 板机
tropic n. (天球的)回归线, 热带 adj. 热带的
tumour n. 瘤, 肿瘤, 肿块
underlie vt. 位于...之下, 成为...的基础
vein n. 血管, 静脉, 叶脉, 翅脉, 矿脉, 纹理, 性情, 心绪 vt. 使成脉络, 象脉络般分布于
visa n. 签证 vt. 签准维萨信用卡
vocal adj. 发嗓音的, 声音的, 有声的, 歌唱的 n. 元音, 声乐作品
vulgar adj. 粗俗的, 庸俗的, 普通的, 通俗的, 本土的 n. <古>平民, 百姓
vulnerable adj. 易受攻击的, 易受...的攻击
wardrobe n. 衣柜, 衣厨, 衣室, 衣服, 行头, 剧装
weld vt. 焊接 n. 焊接, 焊缝
whale n. 鲸 v. 捕鲸
whatsoever pron. 无论什么
wink n. 眨眼, 使眼色, 瞬间, (星光等的)闪烁 vi. 眨眼, 使眼色, 闪烁, 打信号, 假装不见, 终止, 熄灭 vt. 眨(眼)
witch n. 巫婆, 女巫, 迷人的女子 vt. 施巫术, 迷惑
youngster n. 年青人, 少年
zip一种程序压缩的档案文件格式 n. 拉链 v. 拉开或拉上
zoom n. 急速上升, 陡直上升, 图象电子放大, 缩放, 嗡嗡声 vi. 突然扩大, 急速上升, 摄象机移动 vt. 使摄象机移动
大纲词汇:proportion n.比例;privilege n.特权
disproportionately [2次] = dis (not) + proportion + ate(动词,形容词) + ly(副词)
underprivileged [2次] = under (下面,欠缺) + privilege + ed(过去分词)
a. 无特权的,下层社会的
推荐词根词缀工具书:《英语词汇的奥秘》 作者:蒋争 中国广播出版社
推荐考研词汇书:《考研英语词汇50天突破》作者:宋新、许杨 群言出版社
为什么背完了大纲词汇还是拿不到高分? 因为你不懂考研的隐形大纲。
因为考研还有四个隐性大纲,就像“隐形的翅膀(自从北大校长唱了这首歌,我就爱上了这首歌)左右着考研词汇的难度,构成了考研词汇隐形的绊脚石(invisible stumbling block)。
一. 神奇的hyphen “-”
faster-than-light spacecraft 比光速还快的飞船
women-dominated industry 女人统治的行业
pain-alleviating medicine 缓解疼痛的药物
二. 一词多意
考研英语对词汇深度的考查尤其体现在一词多意,一词多性。例如light这个基础词汇,很多同学只知道light n.光;而这个单词在考研中出现了19次,考查的意思多达5种。
light/lighting/lighter (19次)
【熟义熟性】n.光,发光体,灯 Light-year 光年
【僻义僻性】lighting n.照明,照明设备,舞台灯光
【真题例句】At the same time the great municipalities went into business to supply lighting, trams and other services to the taxpayers.[1996年Text3]
【僻义僻性】a. 轻的
【僻义僻性】Fifty years ago, the chance of a baby (particularly a boy baby) surviving depended on its weight. A kilogram too light or too heavy meant almost certain death.[2000年阅读Text2]
【僻义僻性】v. 点燃
【真题例句】Light up the stove and you could burn down the house.[1999年阅读Text1]【经典译文】把炉子点燃后,你有可能把整座房子烧毁。
【常考短语】in the light of 按照, 根据, 当作 [近] according to
【真题例句】He explores such problem consciously, articulately, and frankly, first by asking factual questions, then by asking moral questions, finally by suggesting action which seems appropriate in the light of the factual and moral information which he has obtained.[2006年翻译]
【常考短语】shed light on= cast light on
[本意] 把灯光投射在…之上; [转义] 详细说明
【真题例句】A researcher has now __48__ the mystery of why the animals die.[1995年完形填空]
[A] paid attention to [B] caught sight of [C] laid emphasis on [D] cast light on
【复合词语】light-hearted 1) 轻松愉快的; 2) 随便的,掉以轻心的
【真题例句】Often it’s the delivery which causes the audience to smile, so speak slowly and remember that a raised eyebrow or an unbelieving look may help to show that you are making a light-hearted remark.[2002年阅读Text1]
【僻义僻性之一】 v. 致函,写姓名地址;
【真题例句】Prior to his departure, he addressed a letter to his daughter. [1986词汇第3题]
【僻义僻性之二】v. 向……讲话,致词
【真题例句】Depending on whom you are addressing, the problems will be different.[2002年阅读Text1]
【僻义僻性之三】vt. 处理,解决问题
【真题例句】 Boston Globe reporter Chris Reidy notes that the situation will improve only when there are comprehensive programs that address the many needs of the homeless.[2006年完形]
【真题例句】 The costs of globalization process is enormous.[2001阅读Text4,65题C选项]
【真题例句】 Shippers who feel they are being overcharged have the right to appeal to the federal government’s Surface Transportation Board for rate relief, but the process is expensive, time-consuming, and will work in truly extreme cases.(2003阅读Text3)
【僻义僻性】vt. 加工,处理
【真题例句】Playing video games encourages immediate content. And hours of watching TV shows with canned laughter only teaches kids to process information in a passive way. [2007年阅读新题型]
【辨析】process, procedure, proceedings.
例:admission procedure入学手续; procedure of teaching教学步骤
proceedings含义最窄,指会议记录(记录会议的进展) 和诉讼程序。
Economy (45次)
【熟义熟性】n. 经济
【真题例句】 market-oriented economy市场经济 [1994阅读Text1]
【僻义熟性】n. 经济体,国家
【真题例句】 For each dollar of GDP (in constant prices) rich economies now use nearly 50% less oil than in 1973. [2003阅读Text3]
【僻义僻性】a. 便宜的;经济实惠的(补充)
An economy class air ticket is fit for ordinary workers, because it costs much less.
【同源词】economic(44次) a. 经济的,经济学的
【真题例句】socio-economic status社会经济地位[1991阅读Text2]
economical (2次) a.经济的(强调节省钱和资源);节约的
【真题例句】 the use of cars has proved to be more economical.[89阅读Text 2, 19题D选项]
Practice (28次)
【熟义熟性】n. 练习
【真题例句】 Kids need plenty of practice delaying gratification and deploying effective organizational skills, such as managing time and setting priorities. [2007年阅读新题型]
【熟义僻性】vt. 练习
【真题例句】If you feel awkward being humorous, you must practice so that it becomes more natural[2002年阅读Text1]
【僻义熟性】n. 惯例;常规;准则
【真题例句】Indeed, just as there is the concept of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), perhaps it is time for GASP, Generally Accepted Security Practices, suggested Eli Noam of New York’s Columbia Business School. [2007年阅读新题型]
【熟义熟性】n. 好处,利益
【真题例句】 Either way, one benefit of a “national” organization would be to negotiate better prices, if possible, with drug manufacturers. [2005年阅读新题型]
【僻义熟性】n. 退休金,救济金,保险费
【真题例句】 37. Corporations and labor unions have ________ great benefits upon their employees and members as well as upon the general public.
[A] conferred [99年词汇37题]
【僻义熟性】v. 得益于 (from, in)
【真题例句】What is odd is that they have perhaps most benefited from ambition -- if not always their own then that of their parents and grandparents. [2000年阅读Text5]
【熟义熟性】v. 争论,辩论
【真题例句】 The point is this: without agreement on the rights of people, arguing about the rights of animals is fruitless.[1997年翻译]
【僻义熟性】v. 认为,主张,论证;说服
【真题例句】 He is not arguing, as many do, that we can no longer think straight because we do not talk proper.[2005年阅读Text4]
【熟义熟性】n.气候; (气候)地带
【真题例句】 The flight from overcrowdedness affects the migration from snow belt to more bearable climates.[1998年阅读Text4]
【僻义熟性】n. 风气,社会思潮
【真题例句】 When the work is well done, a climate of accident-free operations is established where time lost due to injuries is kept at a minimum.[1999年完形]
【熟义熟性】a. 学院的,学业的
【真题例句】 If the preoccupation of schools with academic work was lessened, more time might be spent teaching children surer values.[1995年阅读text4]
【僻义熟性】a. 学术的
【真题例句】 Mr. McWhorter’s academic specialty is language history and change, and he sees the gradual disappearance of “whom”, for example, to be natural and no more regrettable than the loss of the case-endings of Old English.[2005年阅读4]
【僻义僻性】 n. 学者,大学教师
【真题例句】 Leonard Schlesinger, a Harvard academic and former chief executive of Au Bong Pain, a rapidly growing chain of bakery cafes, says that much “reengineering” has been crude.[1998年阅读text2]
National Academy of Science国家科学学院
【真题例句】Energy conservation, a shift to other fuels and decline in the importance of heavy, energy-intensive industries have reduced oil consumption.[2002年阅读text3]
【真题例句】On anther level, many in the medical community acknowledge that the assisted-suicide(医生协助自杀) debated has been fueled in part by the despair of parents for whom the modern medicine has prolonged the physical agony of dying .[2002年阅读text4]
【僻义僻性之一】 v. 致函,写姓名地址;
【真题例句】Prior to his departure, he addressed a letter to his daughter. [1986词汇第3题]
【僻义僻性之二】v. 向……讲话;
【真题例句】Depending on whom you are addressing, the problems will be different.[2002年阅读Text1]
【经典译文】 针对不同的听众,要谈的问题也应该不同。
【僻义僻性之三】v. 处理,解决问题
【真题例句】 Boston Globe reporter Chris Reidy notes that the situation will improve only when there are comprehensive programs that address the many needs of the homeless.[2006年完形]
【熟义熟性】a.奇怪的,奇特的 【近义词】strange
【真题例句】 Odd though it sounds, cosmic inflation is a scientifically plausible consequence of some respected ideas in elementary particle physics, and many astrophysicists have been convinced for the better part of a decade that it is true. [1998年翻译]
【僻义熟性之一】a.临时的,不固定的 【近义词】temporary
【真题例句】 Left, until now, to odd, low-level IT staff to put right, and seen as a concern only of data-rich industries such as banking, telecoms and air travel, information protection is now high on the boss’s agenda in businesses of every variety. [2007年阅读Text4]
【僻义熟性之二】a.奇数的,不成对的 【反义词】even 【例】an odd shoe.一只不成对的鞋
【僻义僻性】odds. n.可能性,概率
【真题例句】 Even demographics are working against the middle class family, as the odds of having a weak elderly parent – and all the attendant need for physical and financial assistance – have jumped eightfold in just one generation. [2007年阅读Text3]
三. 高频短语
“考研高频词组730” :
by(=be faithful to ; obey)忠于;遵守。
(=take up the attention of)吸引…的注意力(被动语态):be absorbed in 全神贯注于…近:be engrossed in ; be lost in ; be rapt in ;be concentrated on ; be focused on ; be centered on
3.(be) abundant in(be rich in; be well supplied with) 富于,富有
accident(=by chance, accidentally)偶然地,意外. Without accident(=safely) 安全地,
one’s own accord(=without being asked; willingly; freely)自愿地 ,主动地
accordance with (=in agreement with) 依照,根据
one’s own account
1)为了某人的缘故, 为了某人自己的利益
2)(=at one’s own risk) 自行负责
3)(=by oneself)依靠自己
on account 赊账; on account of 因为; on no account不论什么原因也不;of no/little account 不重要的.
…into account(=consider)把...考虑进去
sb. an account of 说明, 解释 (理由)
10. account for 1)解释, 说明; 2)占…比例
account of (=because of) 由于,因为.
no account(=in no case, for no reason)绝不要,无论如何不要(放句首时句子要倒装)
…of…(=charge…with; blame sb. for sth. ; blame sth. on sb. ; complain about) 指控,控告
accustomed to (=be in the habit of, be used to)习惯于.
acquainted with(=to have knowledge of) 了解; (=to have met socially) 熟悉
on 奉行,按照…行动; act as 扮演; act for 代理
oneself to(=adjust oneself to) 使自己适应于
…(for) (=make sth. Suitable for a new need) 改编, 改写(以适应新的需要)
addition (=besides) 此外, 又, 加之
addition to(=as well as, besides, other than)除…外
to (=abide by, conform to, comply with, cling to, insist on, persist in, observe, opinion, belief ) 粘附; 坚持, 遵循
nt(=next to, close to) 毗邻的, 临近的
..(to) (=change slightly)调节; 适应;
of (=be capable of, leave room for) …的可能,留有…的余地.
advance (before in time) 预告, 事先.
advantage 有利的,使优点更加突出地.
an advantage over 胜过.
have the advantage of 由于…处于有利条件
have the advantage of sb.知道某人所不知道的事
2 advantage of (=make the best of, utilize, make use of, profit from, harness)利用.
with 赞同(某人意见) agree to 同意
agreement (with) 同意, 一致
of 在…之前, 超过; ahead of time 提前.
the air 1)不肯定, 不具体. 2)在谣传中.
all (=especially, most important of all) 尤其是, 最重要的.
all (=counting everyone or everything, altogether) 总共, 总计
all 毕竟,到底; (not) at all 一点也不;
all at once(=suddenly)突然; once and for all 只此一次; above all 最重要的; first of all 首先; all in all 大体上说; be all in 累极了; all but 几乎.
for (=take into consideration, take into account) 考虑到, 估计到.
to (=to be equal to) 总计, 等于.
for (undertake responsibility for, be liable for, take charge for) 对…负责.
to (=conform to) 适合,符合.
anxious about 为…焦急不安; 或anxious for
ize to sb. for sth. 为…向…道歉
to sb. for sth. 为某事向某人呼吁. appeal to sb. 对某人有吸引力
to sb. for sth. 为…向…申请 ; apply for申请; apply to 适用.
to 与…有关;适用
e of (=consent to, be in favor of, favor, agree to, consider good, right) 赞成, approve vt. 批准
from(=be caused by) 由…引起.
e for sb./sth. to do sth. 安排…做…
on 到达; arrive at 到达某地(小地方);得出,作出; arrive in 到达某地(大地方);
ashamed of (=feel shame, guilt or sorrow because of sth. done) 以…为羞耻
sb. of sth. (=try to cause to believe or trust in sth.) 向…保证, 使…确信.
(to) (=to fix, fasten; join) 缚, 系 ,结
an attempt at doing sth. (to do sth.) 试图做…
to (=give one’s attention, care and thought)注意,照顾;attend on(upon)(=wait upon, serve, look after) 侍候,照料
de to/ toward …对…的态度.看法
ute…to…(=to believe sth. to be the result of…)把..归因于.., 认为..是..的结果
the average (=on average, on an average) 平均
57.(be) aware of (=be conscious of , having knowledge or consciousness)意识到,知道.
the back of (=behind) 在…后面
the back of 在…后部(里面); on the back of 在…后部(外面); be on one’s back(=be ill in bed) 卧病不起.
one’s back(=supporting or favoring sb.) 支持,维护; have sb. at one’s back 有…支持, 有…作后台
one’s back on sb. (=turn away from sb. in an impolite way) 不理睬(某人),背弃,抛弃
one’s back 背着某人(说坏话)
based on / upon 基于
the basis of 根据…, 在…基础上
…at 在…运动项目上打赢
with 以…开始. to begin with (=first of all) 首先, 第一(经常用于开始语)
6 behalf of (=as the representative of) 以…名义
e in(=have faith or trust in; consider sth./sb. to be true) 相信,依赖,信仰.
t (from) 受益,得到好处.
the benefit of 为了…的利益(好处)
the better 好转
the better of (=defeat sb.) 打败, 胜过.
birth 在出生上,论出身,按血统 at birth 在出生时; give birth to 出生
sb. for sth. 因…责备某人 . blame sth. on sb. 把…推在某人身上
blossom开花(指树木) be in blossom开花(强调状态) come into blossom开花(强调动作)
board 到船上, 在船上, 上火车或飞机
of (or about) 吹嘘
of breath 喘不过气来
brief(=in as few words as possible)简言之
bulk 成批地,不散装的
the floor 起立发言
business 出差办事.
busy with sth.于某事; be busy doing sth. 忙于做某事
but one 倒数第二.
for (=without) 要不是. 表示假设
sth. for…money 用多少钱买
capable of 能够, 有能力
be capable of being +过去分词:是能够被…的
any case(=for love or money, at any rate, at any price, at any cost, whatever happens; anyhow)无论如何
case (=for fear that) 万一;
case of (=in the event of)如果发生…万一; in the case of 至于…, 就…而言
no case在任何情况下都不(放句首倒装句)