The day has almost come for Apple afficionados in China. Those who have chosen to wait patiently, that is. Apple has finally set a Mainland release date for its much-anticipated iPad 3. July 20th is the big day, when the iPad will go on sale in Apple’s second-biggest market behind the U.S.

The company has been slow to release the new iPad in China - it was launched in the U.S. almost four months ago. Apple didn’t offer a reason for the delayed launch date, which comes amid a bitter lawsuit between the company and Proview International over the trademark of Apple’s iconic tablet. A Chinese court said last week that Apple will pay 60 million U.S. dollars to settle the dispute. Apple has said prices for the third-generation iPad in China will range from 499 to 829 U.S. dollars, depending on memory capacity you want.


中国的苹果爱好者们,终于耐心地等来了Ipad 三代在中国销售了。苹果公司日前宣布,7月20日在中国内地开售第三代平板电脑New iPad,中国是苹果公司的第二大市场,仅次于美国市场。。苹果公司已经放慢了在中国开售的时间,因为四个月以前就在美国推出了。这是由于商标问题延迟了出售。苹果于6月末刚刚向深圳唯冠公司支付6000万美元和解费用,了结了这一长达两年的官司,从而为iPad入华铺平了道路。苹果中国官网资料显示,第三代iPad共六款机型,售价自3688-6288元不等。第三代iPad在美国的售价为499-829美元。