A student is applying for a university.





What do you want to major in? I want to major in biology. That was my best subject in high school. I'm really interested in it. That sounds fine, Bob. Have you discussed this with your teachers and your parents? Oh, sure. My science teacher thinks that's just what I ought to go into. And my parents say I should make my own choice. Did you have some math and other science courses in high school? Everything they offered. And I did some extra work for my teacher too. Well, Bob, you should get along all right here. But it's hard to keep up with both sports and studies. Yes, sir, I know. Fine. I'll hold your application until we get the transcript. When we've seen it we'll let you know. Probably in about two weeks. Thank you very much, sir. By the way, what did your guidance counselor tell you? He told me I had a real knack for scientific things, I know I do, too. I've been fascinated with science since I was a child. An interest of that kind really signifies something. Well, good luck, Bob. Thank you, sir. Goodbye.
你打算学什么专业? 我想学生物。我高中时候生物成绩最好,而且我也很感兴趣。 很不错鲍伯。关于这个你和你的老师还有家长商量过吗? 嗯,商量过。我的理科老师觉得我就应该学这个,我父母则尊重我自己的意见。 你在高中学过数学和其他理科方面的课程吗? 所有理科课程我都学了。我还额外帮老师做一些其他工作。 那么鲍伯,你的学习经历还是很不错的。只是,要同时兼顾运动和学习是很难的。 是的,先生。我明白。 好的。收到你的成绩单之后我们会再考虑你的申请,决定之后我们会通知你。应该在两个星期之内吧。 非常感谢您先生。 哦,对了,你的辅导员(指学校辅导升学或就业的老师)对你有什么建议吗? 老师说我在理科方面很有天分。这个我也知道,因为我从小就对理科知识很痴迷。 这种兴趣的确是个好的预兆。那么,祝你好运鲍伯。 谢谢,先生。再见。