A student is applying for a university.



Hints:Robert Martin



Good morning. Have a seat. Good morning. Thank you. I have your application here somewhere. Yes, here it is. Your name is Robert Martin, right? That's right, sir. And you hope to enter our university next fall? Yes,sir, if I can make it. Fine, Bob. I notice that you finished high school a year ago. Why didn't you enter college that year? Well, I have a sister in college now. And there's another one who'll be going next year. So I had to earn a little money to help pay my way. Good. It sounds as if you're a pretty responsible fellow. I see that you attended two grade schools. Yes, sir. My first six years I went to a public school in my hometown. Then I went to a military school for two years. And came back to your hometown for high school. That's right, sir. I see. I don't find a transcript among your papers. Do you have one? I'm not sure I know what that is. Oh, that's a list of your grades. Oh, yes. That's in the mail now. All right. How were your grades? Well, pretty good, until my second year in high school. Then I guess I got a little too interested in sports. But I know I'll work hard in college.
早上好,请坐。 早上好,谢谢。 我这儿有你的申请,应该在这儿的什么地方。哦,在这儿。你是罗伯特·马丁对吧? 是的,先生。 你想明年秋天来我们大学学习? 对,先生,如果能申请成功的话。 好的,鲍伯。我注意到你一年前就已经高中毕业了。为什么当时没有马上上大学呢? 我有个姐姐现在在读大学,还有另一个明年也要上大学了。所以,我得先赚点钱帮衬一下。 很好。感觉你是个非常有责任心的人啊。你的材料里显示你上过两所小学。 对的,先生。前六年我在家乡的公立学校上学,后来我又在一个军事学校读了两年。 然后回家乡读的高中。 是的,先生。 我明白了。我没在你的材料里找到你的副本。你有么? 我不知道您指的是什么。 哦,就是你的成绩单。 哦,我知道了,在邮寄的路上。 好的。你的成绩怎么样? 额,在高二之前都很不错。后来我应该是对运动太感兴趣了,所以成绩就没那么好了。不过,上了大学我肯定会努力学习的,这点我很清楚。