II. Grammar and Vocabulary

Section A

Directions: Beneath each of the following sentences there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the one answer that best completes the sentence.

25.  Graduation is a good time to thank those who have helped you ______ the tough years.

A. through                     B. up                         C. with                         D. from

26.  To stay awake, he finished a cup of coffee and ordered ______.

A. the other                 B. other                      C. the others                 D. another

27.  It’s no use ______ without taking action.

A. complain                 B. complaining           C. being complained      D. to be complained

28.  I ______ worry about my weekend—I always have my plans ready before it comes.

A. can’t                       B. mustn’t                  C. daren’t                            D. needn’t

29.  When Mom looked back on the early days of their marriage, she wondered how they had managed with ______ money.

A. so few                      B. such few                C. so little                    D. such little

30.  It doesn’t matter if they want to come to your party, ______?

A. doesn’t it                B. does it                    C. don’t they                D. do they

31.  After getting lost in a storm, a member of the navy team ______ four days later.

A. rescued                   B. was rescued            C. has rescued              D. had been rescued

32.  The rare fish, ______ from the cooking pot, has been returned to the sea.

A. saved                      B. saving                    C. to be saved               D. having saved

33.  At one point I made up my mind to talk to Uncle Sam. Then I changed my mind, ______ that he could do nothing to help.

A. to realize                 B. realized                  C. realizing                   D. being realized

34.  Did you predict that many students ______ up for the dance competition?

A. would sign                B. signed                    C. have signed                     D. had signed

35.  There is clear evidence ______ the most difficult feeling of all to interpret is bodily pain.

A. what                       B. if                           C. how                         D. that

36.  If a lot of people say a film is not good, I won’t bother to see it, or I’ll wait ______ it comes out on DVD.

A. whether                  B. after                      C. though                            D. until

37.  The police officers in our city work hard ______ the rest of us can live a safe life.

A. in case                      B. as if                       C. in order that             D. only if

38.  The message you intend to convey through words may be the exact opposite of ______ others actually understand.

A. why                        B. that                        C. which                      D. what

39.  You’ll find taxis waiting at the bus station ______ you can hire to reach your host family.

A. which                       B. where                    C. when                       D. as

40.  Today we have chat rooms, text messaging, emailing… but we seem ______ the art of communicating face-to-face.

A. losing                       B. to be losing                   C. to be lost                  D. having lost

Section B

Directions: Complete the following passage by using the words in the box. Each word can only be used once. Note that there is one word more than you need.

A. launched       B. unpleasant      C. applying      D. technically     E. impact

F. coating         G. fixed         H. miraculously          I. superior        J. advances

How would you like to wear the same underwear (内衣裤) for weeks? Owing to the work that has gone into developing intelligent materials, this may not be as   41   as it sounds. Self-cleaning clothes have now been created, and these new materials provide   42   resistance to dirt as well as water. As a result, they require much less cleaning than traditional materials.

The creation of self-cleaning clothes provides an example of how nature helps scientists develop better products. This self-cleaning nature is known as the “lotus effect”. The name comes, of course, from the lotus leaves, which are famous for growing in muddy lakes and rivers while remaining almost   43  

clean. By observing nature, scientists are   44   the qualities of the lotus leaves to the materials they have engineered. Because of this, some remarkable new products have been   45  . Among them are special windows that are resistant to dirt and water. A special   46   on these windows not only prevents dirt from sticking to their surfaces, but also allows dust to be easily washed off by the rain. In fact, these new windows have already been   47   to some cars. Even when traveling at high speed through rain, these cars never have to use their windshield wipers (雨刮器).

Although we have already seen some practical applications, even more dramatic   48   will be made in the future, and they will, perhaps, change our world completely. Undoubtedly, technology is an important development, and it will have an even bigger   49   on our lives.