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L:Mr. Bass asked me to give you this letter.
C: If I don't read it, do I still get my inheritance?
L: Well, yes.
C: Then I'll pass.
BLAlR: Chuck. Is everything okay?.
J: Chuck, this letter represents your dad's final words.
N: Your dad wrote you a letter? You should read it.
B: Aren't you curious to know what it says?
C: I think I can guess. You're a disappointment of a son. [---1---]
N: Why do you wear purple?
J: Then you'll have the satisfaction of being right.
B: No. I'll read it. Dear son, I know
I've always been hard on you.
C: True.
B: [---2---]
To help you go from being a boy to a man.
C: The ltalian au pair took care of that.
B: Chuck, please.
Sadly, [---3---] Ultimately, I do feel that I did my job......and you're prepared for this next chapter of life.
Therefore, I'm bequeathing to you the majority share of Bass lndustries.
C: Surely that's a mistake.
C: No, it's not.
N: He believed in you.
J: That son of a bitch.
B: Jack.
CHUCK: No, Jack's right.
[---4---], then it's okay.
It's nice that he finally decided. I'm worthy......but I don't want it. If you want it, you can have it.
I'd die of embarrassment if I wasn't already. But my goal was to prepare you for this day. there is nothing like the passing of a father to aid in this rite of passage for his son. My father can't be one way my whole life
L: Charles Bass先生要我把这封信交给你 C: 如果我不读 是不是还能继承遗产? L: 是 C:那我不读了 B:Chuck! 没事吧? J:Chuck 这封信是你爸爸的最后遗言 B:你爸爸给你写了信? 你一定要看 N:你不想知道里面写了什么吗? C:猜也猜得到 "我对你感到失望" "如果不是命不久矣 我早就羞愧而死" B: 你怎么总穿紫色衣服? 这样你就满意了是吧 B: 不 我来读 "亲爱的儿子 我知道一直都对你要求严苛" C:确实如此 B:"但这一切都是为了让你 从男孩成长为男人" 那次意大利互惠交流项目做到了 B:Chuck 拜托 "悲哀的是 父亲的离世最能帮助儿子成长" "最终 我认为完成了自己的任务 你已经准备好迎接人生的又一章节" "所以 我把Bass产业的 大额股份留给你" C: 这肯定弄错了 B: 不 不是 N:他相信你 J:那个婊子养的 B: Jack! C: 不 Jack是对的 我爸爸一直在干涉我的人生 但突然一切都无所谓了 真欣慰 他终于觉得我是有价值的 但我并不想要 你想要就拿去吧