account for 解释,说明;是……的原因;弄清……的下落;占(一定数量或比例)

How can you account for the accident? 你如何解释这个事故?

I want you to account for every cent you spent. 我要你说明你所花的每一分钱的用途。

Recent pressure at work may account for his behavior. 他的行为也许是最近的工作压力导致的。

One small child was still not accounted for. 还有一个小孩下落不明。

Afro-Americans account for 12% of the US population. 非洲裔美国人占美国人口的12%。

act for 代理

Please act for me during my absence. 我不在时请代理我处理事务。

I acted for our captain while he was in hospital. 我们队长住院时由我代理他。

allow for 考虑到,把……考虑进来;体谅

We should allow for every possible delay. 我们应该考虑到任何可能的延误。

We must allow for his youth. 我们必须体谅他的年轻。

answer for 对……负责,对……承担责任;保证;代表

I will answer for it (him). 我愿对它(他)负责。

One day you’ll have to answer for what you’ve done. 有一天你得对你今天的所作所为承担责任。

I agree but I can’t answer for my friends. 我同意,但我不能代表我的朋友也同意。

【注】该短语通常用于将来时态或含有情态动词的句子,其后可接名词或代词,一般不接 that 从句,若要接that从句,则应先接形式宾语 it。如:

I can’t answer for his honesty.=I can’t answer for it that he is honest. 我不能保证他是诚实的。

apologize for 为……而道歉

He apologized for not being able to meet her. 他因为未能去接她而向她道歉。

I must apologize for the delay in replying to your letter. 未能及时给你回信,我得向你道歉。

apply for申请(请求)得到

He applied for a job as an English teacher. 他申请得到一份当英语教师的工作。

They applied to the government for financial help. 他们向政府申请经济援助。

blame … for 埋怨,责怪

Movies have been blamed for the crime wave. 电影已被指责要对犯罪率上升负责。

The conductor is blamed for the accident. 售票员因那次事故而受到指责。

call for 大声呼叫;去接(某人)

The baby is calling for his mother. 婴孩叫着要母亲。

I’ll call for you at six o’clock. 6点时我将去接你。

care for 关心;想要

He always cares for my health. 他一直关心我的健康。

Would you care for some tea? 想喝点茶吗?