change…for 将……更换为

I’d like to change this dress for another. 我想换另一件相同款式的衣服。

The boy change soiled clothes for clean ones. 这个男孩脱下脏衣服换上干净衣服。

exchange…for 以……交换,兑换

I’ve just bought this tie, but can I exchange it for that one? 我刚买了这条领带,可不可以换那条呢?

Can I exchange pounds for dollars here? 我可以在这里把英镑兑换成美元吗?

excuse … for 因为……而原谅(宽恕)

She excused him for being late. 她原谅他迟到。

Excuse me for bothering you. 请原谅我打扰你。

hope for 希望(有),期待(得到),希望(发生)

She is hoping for her son’s early marriage. 她希望她的儿子能早日结婚。

There is every reason to hope for success. 有充分的理由期待成功的到来。

leave (…) for 离开(……)去,动身去

He left for New York yesterday. 他昨天去了纽约。

We are leaving London for Paris on Friday. 星期五我们将离开伦敦前往巴黎。

listen for 留神听,倾听

She listened for his step. 她在注意听有没有他的脚步声。

The children listened for the clock to announce the New Year. 孩子们等着听新年的钟声。

long for 渴望,极想

The children are longing for the holidays. 孩子们盼望着放假。

She longed for him to ask her to dance. 她巴不得他邀请自己跳舞。

look for 寻找;期待

They were looking for the missing child. 他们正在寻找那失踪的小孩。

We are looking for George to arrive any day now. 我们在期待着乔治,他说不定哪天就到。

make for 走向;袭击;有助于,有益于

It’s late. We’d better make for home. 时间不早了,我们最好赶快回家吧。

The dog is making for the thief. 狗正向窃贼扑过去。

Early rising makes for good health. 早起有益于健康。

mistake … for 误认为……是

She is often mistaken for a famous singer. 她常常被误认为是个名歌手。

I’m sorry. I mistook you for a friend of mine. 对不起,我把你误当作我的一位朋友。

pay for 为……付钱;为……付出代价

Did you pay for the book? 那本书的书款你付过了吗?

You’ll have to pay for your selfishness some day. 有一天你一定会为你的自私付出代价。